Dropship issue?


Am I the only person who has an issue with the respawn time? I mean, cmon you have to sit out for a good 2 minutes +, and then by the end of it you have to sit there for another 10 seconds waiting just to jump out of the ship. Honestly I firmly believe that last 5-10 second countdown should be the hunters jumping out of the ship, especially since while we fall we can’t do jack squat until we hit the ground.


It’s part of the waiting process. ^.-
Only way to avoid it, is try not to die.


Thats what you get for dying ^-^
But seriously, you may say “Oh yeah its bull that i have to wait so long” but what about the monsters perspective? He/she put in all that time to kill you, now they have a chance to hit while you’re weakened. Shorten that timer and the hunters have an advantage.


Not really, I’m not saying “reduce the respawn time”, I’m saying that the extra 10 seconds it takes to jump out of that ship should be accounted for within the actual spawn time.


It’s more like 25 seconds till drop, It is annoying, but I’m pretty sure it was calculated, and is the least of the devs worries right now.


Thats 10 extra seconds for a monster to down the last alive ^.- every second counts.


I actually agree with you. You give me a response count of say 2 minutes. But in reality it’s 2 minutes 15 seconds. Should have all been factored in. Even if right at 0 they jumped.


It doesn’t start straight away when you die either, there’s a delay