Dropship Hunter Rotation


What would you guys think of a system where instead of a dead Hunter coming back on the dropship with 2 strikes, if a Hunter died then they would be replaced by another fresh Hunter from that class? It never made much sense that someone the monster just ate is coming back with a flesh wound our two, and it could open up some interesting options.

Not suggesting it be put in for Hunt /Quick, but it could be interesting…

Obviously it would open up the option of letting hunters swap out disadvantageous members like Laz vs MG but they would have to sit and wait for the drop timer which would be a HUGE risk.



This has been suggested a multitude of times but it sadly will not be able to happen. The engine and game itself can’t take it.


Really? My bad, at work right now so I couldn’t search for it.

Feel free to close then!


@TheMountainThatRoars @Jedi_Warrior mind closing this?