Dropship Guns


Just a quick question, does the dropship have guns? I’ve searched it up but either many pictures have show up or very bad ones.

Lorewise, how capable is the Laurie Ann in an aerial/space firefight?

I don’t think so


As far as I know it doesn’t. The best person to ask would probably be @Matthew.


I’m going to go for no by this concept art.

The Dropship has never had any sort of weaponry on it in any concept art as far as I know.


Thanks, I’ll wait a little bit to see if if Matthew can enlighten us though, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the pictures. If it did have weapons you’d think they would be used at some point wouldn’t you? The monsters wouldn’t stand a chance. :smile:


Yeah, even without pictures I’d say no. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why send in a dropship to drop teams of four at a time instead of just drilling into the Monster from 100m in the air?


Monster hides in a cave.


Not enough food to get to S3 and destroy the patterson tech then :slightly_smiling:


Hunters win on time. :smile:


Grr, damn Hunters.

Damn you Hunter favored meta!


Wait wait…so have we never seen the Laurie Ann? Because I refuse to believe that Cabot, brought an unarmed ship into dangerous and barely civilized space.


Shear was civilized before the Monster attacked. Why would he bring guns to a mammoth bird fight? He should’ve brought a tactical nuke if you ask me.


I thought the entire point of there being colonies on shear is that shear wasn’t entirely civilized. I thought he specifically came to shear to help people evacuate from an unknown threat capable of wiping out entire colonies.


They came too “take care” of some wildlife, and yes it has colonies, but don’t keep changing your words from-

-barely, to-



Alright Shrugs


If monster movies taught me anything, it’s that dinosaurs + Nuclear radiation =


The Laurie-Anne is a tug. It’s basically a giant engine. They’re used in main systems to get frigates and larger ships without sub-light drives from port to the Dive Anchor.

Lorewise, how capable is the Laurie Ann in an aerial/space firefight?

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So… no guns?


Thanks for replying.

You learn something new every day. :smile:

@KomodoLover It doesn’t seem that way.