Dropship forgets to drop me

So i was in the dropship along with the three other hunters all excited for the match to come

But the dropship decided to well . . . not drop the four of us and flew back home with everyone still on board

What do you think THAT was?

bucket going mad?
the hunters having their boots glued to the ground?

here’s video proof


I changed the category to “bugs” since this is one :smile:

and the funnest one i’ve come across so far too
was totally worth getting into the match for that :smiley:

Sucks that it happened, but that was pretty cool to see. :+1:

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I had something similar happen on PS4 except we ended up getting the out of territory death.

I have seen this bug reported before and it has happened to me as well. I think devs answered saying it had to do with lag actually.