Dropship Falling Question


Why is it the Support hits the ground first and the Assault last? Why don’t they all hit the ground at the same time? Is their something behind this?


Assaults are taller? lol


Haha sure “taller”


They are like 7’ or 8’!


But they are bigger :wink:

This means they would fall faster…let’s go back to @Galactoid’s theory of why the Monsters slow fall :stuck_out_tongue:


Their height while falling is the equivalent of webbed feet while swiming.


my dude what a good question… these are the real mysteries i’m all here for… maybe they jump later…?


Maybe support slip his feet so medic have to follow to heal him,the trapper try to trap the hunter and the assault jump down she he can assault everyone for being stupid

*this is a joke


Someone didn’t pay attention to physics? :stuck_out_tongue:
Falling has nothing to do with size. Actually due to aerodynamics bigger would mean slightly slower in this case.
Only case that bigger means faster fall is when you jump down with a parachute. Bigger gets down faster, lighter gets to stay up for more , but this does not apply since they have jetpacks :wink:
As far as the thread question they just jump down one by one so they land one by one where is the confusion? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea yea, it’s like more power the slower they are. That’s why in golf power is everything