Dropship dropped respawning hunters directly ontop of a nomad


Which then proceeded to down the assault and severely injure the other 2
Then the minion and monster came to finish the job.


Sorry, but that’s just funny


Only thing missing here is the video.


I guess you could say… nomad just struck a homerun xD


Just a nomad?
The dropship placed us in front if the monster!
Then it killed Laz. Who was me.


This exact same thing happened to us…needless to say the monster was on us like a shot haha.


We started a game (Hunt) with landing from the drop onto a Mammoth Bird (I swear since my Wraith < Mammoth Bird incident, they’ve been following me…) that zapped us all, then the Kraken zoomed in with 3/3 Aftershock.

Normally we can handle a Drop-Ambush easily, but long story short, that Mammoth Bird cost us the game… :wink:


ALWAYS jetpack at the start. I always clear the area from midair before I put my boots on the ground


I do NOW hehe. I’m still just sure the Mammoth Birds have it out for me… they tasted Wraith blood and now they want moooore O.o