Dropship Bugged [PS4]



Map: Barracks

Bug: A “returning players to the fight” dropship opened it’s bay doors and then refused to drop the hunters, carrying them back out of the map while they watched the world get smaller and smaller below.


Match-made Hunt game on Barracks. Slim, Bucket, Maggie, Torvald versus Behemoth.

Gameplay begins normally.

After staging up to 2, Behemoth kills Torvald and Slim. Behemoth is then chased by Maggie and Bucket for approximately 30 seconds.

Behemoth stages up to 3 while two hunters are dead and the “dropship timer” is ticking, but not finished.

Behemoth kills another hunter (Maggie) and Daisy is also killed. They join Torvald and Slim in spectating on Bucket while he runs from Behemoth.

Bucket survives long enough for dropship timer to reach 0:00. Bucket is not killed while the dropship is inbound either.

Dropship sequence begins normally for Slim, Maggie, and Torvald. Daisy is also ready to drop.

At the moment when players would normally leap from the ship, sound cuts out for less than 5 seconds. Hunters can pan their view to look around, but not move.

Sound resumes, but hunters remain rooted in place inside the dropship as it lifts off and flies outside of the map boundaries.

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Anybody see this yet? Is there any new information available on what is being done to address the PS4 stability issues like this - introduced by the last title update?


It’s just a glitch that happens rarely. The devs definitely know of this but it is probably near the bottom of their to do list as it is so rare.


Thanks, so it sounds like this glitch has been around longer than the last title update?

How about the graphical nonsense that goes on now all the time when playing Slim or during character selection screens (see my bug post from around the same time as this OP), or the PS4 crashing to desktop bug, or the sundry other bugs affecting game client stability since the last title update?

To clarify: I just am seeing little-to-no communication from the devs about these issues affecting PS4 users’ experience, which seems odd and a little saddening given how much they are currently talking with the community overall… :confused:


I’ve also have issues with crashing to the dashboard on XB1 but I feel like that’s just gaming now. No game is bug free and as long as it doesn’t ruin my gaming experience I just learn to deal with it.

Yeah I believe people said so on my thread I linked earlier

Tbh the devs are have a lot of work to do and it takes time to read through every thread. The devs know of probably EVERY bug in the game and they are working on fixing them but some bugs are harder to squash than others.


You got disconnected during the respawn sequence (Bucket’s name stops moving, birdsign icon never goes away). The client needs confirmation from the server before sending you off on the falling sequence – if that never happens, you stay on the dropship which is almost entirely clientside.

Judging from the fact you were fighting Behemoth, it was probably the server crash he can cause, so everyone was disconnected including Bucket and Behemoth.


Sounds like it, I got the exact same thing the other day, and the server had crashed when I was on dropship, sooo that’s more than likely the issue/cause