Dropship animation too long?


I think I speak on behalf of every hunter when I say that the dropship animation is too long. Those 10 seconds feels like a lifetime. It’s a nice animation don’t get me wrong but often times it cost my team the game. Maybe include it into the dropship timer or only shop it full at the start of the game?


Nah, I say leave it. I think it works with the current balance, giving the monster that extra 10 seconds or so.


It’s part of the respawn. Doesn’t even take that long. I have always thought it passed quickly, but that’s just me.


Nah, I think it’s fine the way it is IMO .


Too long for hunters, too short for monsters (my personal opinion when playing as either). It’s fine where it is.


It’s fine as is. ^^;;


Maybe it’s just me lol but I find it silly to have a countdown when you have to wait extra time


You just have to remember that there is an additional 30 seconds from the time the counter ends until the hunters boots hit the ground.


20 seconds for a team to drop from the dropship.


True story, the countdown is not the real countdown.


But it is, it indicates the time within which the monster can wipe the team for a win, not necessarily the time until the hunters can be controlled again.


I guess when you put it like that. Still feels like forever though when the monster is tearing through the relay lol


Nah it’s ok dude gives me time to finish of my pee or something lol them extra sec’s make all the difference!


well its too long for when your respawning not at the start of a match 45 seconds to get back there its cruel the last team memeber will be dead by the time your there or the relay is broken


I believe that at this moment in time, with where the game is, the monster needs all the advantage it can get. :stuck_out_tongue:
(And that’s coming from a hunter main.)


Well actually, they are reducing dropship time(maybe not animation) in 8.0, or whatever the big patch is


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