Drop ship wait too long


It’s fine in hunt, but rescue and nest is way too long for there being more than one monster. This also may be my feelings because I have bots on my team, but it seems we always have bots. Maybe shorter drop ship if bots are on the team?


the bots are better then half of the hunters ive eaten


I agree with that. But for us who are better than bots it hurts. I haven’t played these game types with a full team so I was putting this in hopes someone may say its better or you guys may agree even having a full team.


from the monsters perspective that 2 minutes isnt long enough. as a hunter youre sitting there just waiting so it feels like it takes a really long time.

Those 2 minutes as the monster are the most stressful minutes of the match.

Do i try and wipe the remaining hunters or do i take this time to recuperate and get back on my feet. when you choose to fight the end of those 2minutes can mean a loss for you if you are in an even match.

all things considered i think it is fine as it is.


Plus you should be able to take over bots while you’re dead


yea that too.


You can, but we’re babysitting the bots to keep them alive.


I’m just talking about those game modes, you’re more than likely going to fight because you have a minion on the map with you. It hard enough beating a stage three monster but fighting him on nest when he just deploys minions until he’s stage 3 and then brings a minion with him, two minutes is forever.