Drop ship should reset at least 1 strike


What’s the point in waiting two and a half minutes to respawn if you come back with half health and die the next time you’re downed? It feels like if you have to drop ship in during a fight at the power relay you might as well just wait the extra 40 seconds to lose the match. Someone has to hide from the monster only to have the team come back and get wiped because their made of glass at that point.


lmao no k thx


I tend to agree with you on that.


Such OP, much NO.

The system is balanced as it is, just leave it.


The hunters just have to do enough damage to the monster before this happens.


Lazarus resets strike marks.


Yeah no I mean you are being punished for getting downed and killed. It would punish the monster for playing right.


You should be glad you even get to magically respawn in the future.


Monster is rewarded by having one less hunter do deal with for 2,5 minutes already. Usually the remaining 3 hunters are no match for it so they can only let it be.


actually he only prevents them with his magic fist


Lazarus resets strikes? I thought he was just able to res people without adding a strike.


He doesnt reset strikes, he prevents strikes when he uses the glove to recover downed or dead players. The dropship is fine the way it is. Not sure what the problem is. If you get downed more twice your prolly going to lose the match anyway.