Drop ship on mobile arena?


Simple question there : what would happen if someone jump from the drop ship while there’s the mobile arena ?..

By the way…
Is someone die during “the 2 minutes before respawning” of an other mate, will he respawn with ?


If you die while someone else is already dead, I’m pretty sure you join them for the next spawn “wave”, you both come in on the same ship.

I imagine the arena lets people in, it just won’t let them out.


I don’t know for the arena…

But concerning the other point… Well, if someone die like 3 seconds before the dropship, he will respawn instantly… Weird.


Well that’s what I remember reading earlier this year but it may have changed since then. We’ll probably have to wait for @MacMan or @SlabOMeat for confirmation.


Yup. Hunters and monsters can walk into the arena, just can’t leave it.


Thanks, seems logic actually…! (=

And what about the double death ?
(If someone die 3 seconds before a dropship)


I think the dropship cant be over the map when you die or you dont respawn. Idk how lng before deployment though


If you die and you are afk for whatever reason and you jump out the dropship without using the jetpack, what would happen? Do you die or only lose an amount of health when you hit the ground? Does somebody know this?


There is no fall damage


As @Brandini says, there is no fall damage, think of it as your character automatically flares their jetpack briefly to soften the fall but it won’t take any energy from your jetpack bar.

If you have played Titanfall at all, it’ll work similar to that game.