Drop Ship Convo Gives a 5th Monster hint?


Another theory for a 5th monster! This one has something direct from the game to be based on. On the drop ship Caira and Hyde were talking about the monster eggs and that Caira doesn’t think the monsters are laying the eggs. If we assume that is true, then there must be another monster laying the eggs … a Mother of Monsters? No, not Lady GaGa, but I was thinking an Echidna - or the mother of all monsters in mythology! Maybe one of her moves is to spawn a minon that will track and attack the hunters a lot like in Defend mode. Just an idea, but it fits well with the pre-existing story and I think could be awesome!

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I liked mine better.

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The monsters are goo before hatching so they must be like a goo shape shifting species altogether sooo the “mother goo” is gonna be the ultimate monster able to use powers from all monsters and shapeshift into anything. Now where is she you ask? Its like i stated in another post she is the guy that hired cabot to go off and fight the monsters, will the hunters are away the mother goo will play and destroy everything from the inside out :smile:

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What if the 5th monster is actually…humanity?



This hit me hard



‘Mother of All Monsters’ ‘Summoning Minions’




You know what they say “The monster was but man all along”

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