Drinks from #Shara (Shane and Tara Awesome Magical Hair Adventure Live Steam and Community Play Time)


This is a list of the drinks made during the streams by @Shaners and @LadieAuPair. I will do my best to keep this first post updated.

#Aug 25 2015

#Sep 1 2015

#Sep 8 2015

"Sunny’s Delight"

  • 1 Shot Midori
  • 2 Shots Vodka
  • Fill cup the rest of the way up Sunny D

#Sep 15 2015

#Sep 22 2015

#Sep 30 2015

#Oct 6 2015

#Oct 13 2015

#Oct 20 2015

#December 15, 2015
“Shoot Your Eye Out” - From the “Cocktails for the Holidays” book from Classic Jerry

  • Rum
  • Becherovka (Czech cinnamon/herbal liqueur)
  • Bénédictine (Herbal liqueur)
  • Cinnamon Syrup
  • Orange Bitters

#January 30, 2016
Was not shown on stream, Twitter image only

#March 15th, 2016

#Needs to have Dates Researched

(Note this was a gif on stream, but the file size was huge and Tara didn’t know how to make it smaller.)

#Drinks that need recipes, have no images
The Earl Grey Bourbon thing Tara liked

#Shara every Tuesday- The Shane and Tara Awesome Magical Hair Adventure Live Stream and Community Play Time

What is giner beer? :stuck_out_tongue: (Last photo)


I thought it didn’t quite look right. :smile:


Must be a pretty soulless drink.


And what’s that supposed to mean? :wink:


We don’t have an image for Sunny D yet, but maybe we’ll have one after I’m back from vacation. Here’s the recipe though:

“Sunny’s Delight”

-1 Shot Midori
-2 Shots Vodka
-Fill cup the rest of the way up Sunny D


Cool thanks! Updated


It means that you need soul to be drunk at a jazz bar, obviously :smiley: So it is not a jazz drink :smiley:


That’s what I thought. :laughing:


This thread is best thread.


Ahhhhh… I though you were pulling the joke that gingers have no souls.


I’m pretty sure he was.


Could someone possibly post the “Salvaron Shot”


What he said.


@ben10decillion @TheDumbassGamer

Updated with the “Salvatron” shot and the mammoth bird sweet shocker.

I like “Salvatron” shot. I say we keep it that way. :slight_smile:


I should have a picture of the Mammoth Bird Sweet Shocker Later today, using the picture of Jerry’s sweet cup


Don’t have the picture, but this is the latest drink (if i’ve copied it right)
Corpse Revivifier
2 oz courvoisier
1 oz sweet vermouth
1 oz calvados


That’s right! I’ll post the picture tomorrow.


Updated salveron shot image, added corpse revivifier.


Updated to add Hank’s Root Beard Float.

I actually had this last night with not your fathers root bear, although I used two scoops of ice cream! :slight_smile: It was quite good.