Drinking the Blood of the Kraken to gain his powers. (Flying Bug)


Was about to fight a Kraken so my team decided to drink a previous Krakens blood to gain the power of flight. Hank was all like no its too unhygienic to drink blood, boohoo so he could not fly with us.

Seriously though a bug happened and we 3/4 our team could glide but was really hard to jump. Most of the grunting you hear from Val is me trying to jump. Controls was hard at first but once we got use to it it was awesome. This seriously needs to be a game mode. :smiley:


I love absolutely everything about this thread.


This is a true skyHyde


It’s almost majestic.


Already made a topic about this :smile:


Well this one was showcasing how effective drinking the blood of a Kraken is…>.>…So completely different… :slight_smile:


The funny thing is that one of us actually said:
“We defeated Kraken and ate him and got his powers!”



Lol great gif for this but yea didn’t know how wide spread this was or anything just thought it was hilarious and must post it. :smiley:


Nice, I had this happen vs a behemoth who knocked me under the map when i was in last stand… Was Fun tho.


I had no control of it starting in the match. I could not duplicate it if I wanted too and had no idea it was going to happen. I resent the fact that you call me a cheater when you have never played against or know me. It was clearly a connection error bug (that is widely known apparently) that I just wanted to have fun with and post.


I don’t know how he could use a hack on a Playstation? I’m heard of PC hacks but this to me looks like a movement bug.


i have seen people do it all the time, one person did it every match, there are ways to do it i just do not know how.


I still wouldn’t question this guys integrity without proof. He wouldn’t post a video of himself cheating.


People like to brag and have you never seen someone do something stupid, just to gloat?


Is pointing out a bug gloating? Pretty sure he posted a video of a bug, that was humorous. How is he gloating?


Thanks for defending me. I don’t cheat. I don’t want to cheat. I think cheaters are cowards who can’t rely on there own skill to win or at the very least troll to make other peoples lives crap especially on a game that is struggling to keep people. Evolve is awesome and I love it and would never resort to cheating to win.

I feel if I start responding to him he will piss me off and cause me to say something mean and stupid.


“What’s that kraken, half of your abilities can’t hit me or don’t work?”

“Welcome to our world.”



I don’t want anybody pissed off. This forum has more hate than someone stuck on a plane watching National Treasure. There is so much negativity, you can’t even ask for advice without somebody telling you to “Git good”.

I like when everybody just talks, civilly. Sharing their funny GIFs. Frankly if nobody reported this issue, and people learned how to replicate it and use it to win, THAT would suck.


Thank you very much!! It has been logged. :smile:


There are several good links to other threads in this one that have great videos of this bug. Hope it helps. :smiley: