Dreamt about Evolve last night


There was a UI indicator to show what perks monster and hunters had taken. It was glorious.

Playing Evolve too much

You know you’ve played too much Evolve when…


she has got a point ^^


I don’t know but yesterday I did also dream about Evolve. I remember seeing new Monster playing against the Hunters, it was square Monster and I have no idea why…


I don’t get lucky like that. O.o
I rarely dream, and it rarely tends to be a good dream if I do. I’ve actually only started remembering dreaming in the past month. Still not many dreams though. I guess Evolve might have something to do with that, even if it isn’t about Evolve? Who know? ~shrugs~

Neat that people are playing Evolve enough to dream about it though. ^.-


The three games I’m currently playing are Evolve, GTA:San Andreas and Telltale’s Back to the Future adventure game - and last night I dreamt I was chasing a Behemoth around a rocky landscape with three companions in a Delorean I’d jacked from some punk who got in my way.


Good news!!! You’re not alone in your weirdness


Everyone’s weird in their own way. ^.^
If we weren’t, life would be even more boring than it already is.


I would LOVE to dream about Evolve…its one of may favorite games…(i think it might be my favorite game of all time :smile:)


why do ppl taste like pillow when you eat them in your sleep? :cry:


I dream of evolve often. Usually it had nothing to do with how the game actually works though, for example I’ve had a dream of monster vs monster capture the flag type of thing. Once I woke up it didn’t make since but was still an epic dream.


I had a dream about Evolve at some point.

I dreamt that there was a new Monster called the Drifter and I remember being insanely excited… Then I woke up. I’ve never been so disappointed in my life :sweat:

I can’t even remember what the thing looked like.


I have kind of day-dreamed about a mode where there is 2 monsters and 8 hunters in a game (can’t have more then 1 of each character e.g. can’t have 2 val’s or 2 wraiths) and the monsters can claim territories for themselves and the hunters (2 of each class) have to take them out and the monsters can work together but they decide if they do or not. Its hard to explain but it would be fun.

I also had ideas of 1 monster and 4 hunters VS 1 monster and 4 hunters. I think that would be VERY interesting but hard to make happen… :disappointed:


(still no more then one of each character per team)


I once dreamt that I, and my family and friends, were being pursued by a rolling Behemoth in the middle of a shopping mall. It wasn’t glorious. :frowning:


I find that amusing because i main behemoth…i was chasing you in your dreams! HAHA! :laughing:


Behemoth is the evolve Freddy Kruger! :scream:


i had a dream about evolve when behemoth came out… after I bought him he was taken away from me, i went to go pick him and it wouldnt let me.


I feel sorry for you for that dream…he is my favorite monster… :disappointed_relieved: (and the only one im good at :neutral_face: ) I never want to lose him… :cry:


yeah it was more like a nightmare D;