Dreams of Scary Dune Beetles


So ive logged nearly 800 hours of evolve and i have very vivid dreams when i sleep so every once in a while there will be some evolve re;ated stuff in there. Last night i had a dream of playing on dam and there was an elite dune beetle. a lone hunter killed it to make his damage do headshot damage to any body part but then the monster got to it before the rest of the team and made his light melee attacks do behemoth heavy attack damage (it was a goliath btw) this is just random but i thought id share lol

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That… Is believable. Dune Beetles are the hate incarnate so I can believe that they’d have an OP buff :slight_smile:

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I have seen weirder ‘monster related’ dreams, from getting choked from a tentacle down my throat, to getting mailed by a rajang, you name it I’ve had it.
(except one with a dune beetle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Lotta robot/mech stuff in my dreams. When I remember them. Makes no sense though, i’m not really interested in robots that much. Maybe it’s all this dubstep…


Wonder why dune beetles are the only in game wildlife that dont give a buff not counting phantoms since they are a map buff not a constant wildlife


There is one thing unique about them (other than the fact they chase tou across the map). I think they have the lowest hp of all the 4 meats. I can usually half ones hp with a heavy hitting ability.


I’m sure you have.


if i remember correctly its because they were the last creature put in the game or they didnt have another buff idea for them. its one of those 2 or a bit of both


sounds like tentacle hentai

I regret nothing


Let’s keep it tame, please. None of that here.

I once had a dream that I could pick six perks at once. I took Capacity, Reload, Jetpack, Movement Speed, Jump Height and Damage Resistancs. So did Hank.

We were unkillable.


I regret nothing, if rules weren’t here I would be spewing shit like this all day

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Why Hank? O.o
And who were you?


Caira. Hank because Hank/Caira.


I seriously haven’t had a dream for like a few years. But dune beetles are really the stuff of nightmares aren’t they? :s


What, like Hank x Caira? I’m not sure @moiser would appreciate.

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