Dreams (in the literal sense) are yours a little too real?


Out of curiosity is anyone else accustomed to extremely intense dreams? Sometimes even on a scary side like being dropped into an asylum? Or weird confusing magical plots? Or even wakeing up feeling the physical pain that something just caused you? I’m just curious.


Sometimes. Today for example i dreamed really vividly of being captured in the seas by some weird tribalistic cults.

I think it’s pretty natural, I’ve had dreams in which i died and every time i wake up is at the moment i die.


Nope. Not for me. The other day I had a dream I was in a relationship with Bella Thorne (I don’t even like Bella Thorne smh no idea how she ended up in my dream) and I didn’t even remember it until several hours after waking up.
“Wait… was I… with… Bella Thorne…?”


But… if you die in your dreams… you die for real.

inception music starts playing in the background


I actually had a dream I remember last night. My parents home and land caught fire.


Yes I even get hurt,I had this dream about weird things getting me on the ship and then I had weird bloody triangular marks on parts of my body

My bed or anything in my home does not have triangular sharp edges,everything is very round .

I do not believe in gods,aliens,pink flying unicorns so I do not believe It was more than dream.

My dreams are so realistic that when I wake up I’m not completely sure if It is not just dream.

I also feel like stuff happened already. Like friend tell me to come with him in his new car,and then I remember car crash to the tree from my dream in car just like this…then we crash to the tree 10minutes after i remember it.


I had a weird feeling/dream last night i dunno what it was. I was sleeping on a sofa, and it had been a really restless sleep, up every 5 minutes, was really uncomfortable, but when I did wake up at one point (or I think I woke up) I was exactly where I was, but I couldn’t move. I tried everything, but it felt like I was being held down or something. I could open and close my eyes, so I just shut my eyes, tried to move my toes first, and I eventually just seemed to snap out of it, like I just woke up from a dream, and I could move. The memory of it is really hazy now, but it was just so weird. Anyone else experience this?


I used to lucid dream a lot, it was amazing. Can still do it, but only if I have the time for a lot of sleep, which sadly, I don’t ('cause school has started again)


I’ve always wanted to learn to lucid dream. Seems pretty cool.


That sounds like sleep paralysis, I suffer from it pretty often and it’s usually caused by stress or not being able to fall into a deep REM sleep.

Basically your brain usually paralyzes your body when you enter deep sleep so you don’t act out your dreams but sometimes your brain wakes up before your body so you’re fully conscious of everything around you, you just can’t move.


It sort of came natural to me. The best way for me to induce it (if it doesn’t happen naturally), is to wake up very early (like 5/6 o’clock), get out of bed for a moment (like going for a piss par example), and then going back to sleep. Works most of the time for me.


I thought you started to hallucinate with sleep paralysis though?


I used to have some of these types of dreams. But now I never remember if I have a dream or not. It used to be common for me but now, nothing.


Some people do, your brain doesn’t understand why you’re unable to move so it creates something to try and explain it which often times results in people seeing demons or aliens holding them down or torturing them.

The first time it happened to me, my very first thought was that it was something medical/psychological going on and not something supernatural so I’ve never once “seen” anything because i already knew what was going on.

It has happened to me so often that I’m usually able to recognize right away when I’m having it and have figured out how to get out of it.

There’s theories that this is what’s really going on when people claim to have been abducted by aliens, they’re actually experiencing sleep paralysis but their brain created the hallucination that they were abducted to explain why they are conscious and awake but can’t move.

I’ve done a pretty good amount of research on it cuz I’ve wanted it to go away for so long lol It’s not a very fun experience.


I never remember my dreans when i wake up :frowning:

But sometimes i have dreamt of falling from somewhere and i woke up with a sudden semi painful shock


Damn that sounds intense, I’ve had a messy sleeping pattern the past while, but I should be back on track soon, hopefully I’ll never have it again and good luck with yours!


I had a dream I got stabbed in the leg, woke up and had a charlie horse in the same spot.


I’ve had a few, but my problem is that they are never very stable. I realise I’m lucid and the dream collapses shortly after.


Hm, I don’t know how to fix that, never happens to me.


Well… I mean I’ve literally had dreams of events that do happen later in my life so there’s that… and I’ve seen/hallucinated ghosts and glowing orbs and things before so maybe I’m just really strange.