Dreamed about perks, here's some of them


I woke up about 4 in the morning today, agitated in excitement that I was playing a test build for Evolve which had some new features in it. The parts I remember specifically are in the character selection screen, where I was choosing perks for Goliath. When I picked the three native perks, another slot showed up which was a “Variant” perk to choose from.

Some of them had names, others were trade-offs, some even affected things non-player related. All of them had green outlines to them and icons, some of which were pretty funny. Where the Monster usually stays in the screen, an image illustrating the perk swapped as you hovered your mouse on each one of them.

Some of them were Actives, meaning you could trigger them inside the game with a button, and others had “lifetimes” or “health bars”, meaning they’d wear off given use or time.

Here’s the list of what I can remember:

  • Horned It: Goliath gains a rhinoceros Horn which he strikes with occasionally on melee attacks. Deals extra damage, breaks after too much use. The image shown when I hovered over this one was a Goliath with the Bog skin mid-air leap smashing, with said horn on its head.

  • Steam Cloud: Releases a Steam cloud that obscures vision, just like with a Steamadon, in a broader area. Limited use.

  • Sweet Smell: Wildlife doesn’t attack you unless attacked, and creatures slowly walk in your direction.

  • 37% less boulders on the map. 37% less something I don’t recall. By boulders, I was sure the dream meant rock pillars, Armaddon corpses, and other “roachable” objects.

  • Maximize It: “For Laggy players.” (It was said in the description). Increases radius and area of effect of every skill in cost of damage. This one had an icon shaped as a water bottle with stars around it, as if it were special. Very funny.

  • Decrease burst damage and adds damage over time on every ability.

  • Spawns Carrion birds, gives you something in return (which I unfortunately do not remember).

  • Increased traversal speed.

  • Increased traversal travel distance.

And those are the ones I recall.


Do you… do you dream about perks often?


No, no, just this once. I do dream a lot though.