Dream team

So if you could have any 4 hunters on a team, regardless of class, what would they be? I personally would be very interested in a slim and laz pairing.

Slim Caira hank and bucket

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Torvalt, Hyde, Laz & Sunny

Hyde, Jack, Slim, and Bucket cause they are my favorites

The A-Team (Unstoppable)

WHY: Cause when you hit slim, hank shield slim, when you hit hank, jack shields hank, and then you fight jack and all in this 30-45 second timeline lennox is punishing you horribly.

The V-Team (Victory Team)

Assault: Lennox
Trapper: Maggie
Support: Sunny
Medic: Val

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I think people are missing the concept you can use multiple characters from one class so you could make the most op of teams

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Assault: Hyde
Trapper: Griffin
Medic: Slim
Support: Henk

Yeah, that’s what I was getting at. I think laz/slim for solid healing, spore cloud stealth revives for when someone does go down and general annoyance. Any trapper, probably griffin for added CC and because we need a trapper to catch the damn monster anyway, and bucket for punishing body camping.

All 4 supports

or bucket, hank, cabot, laz (cloaks for days)

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Not all 4 medics for one of the longest games possible? Banter

Idk 4 supports can trade cloak all game.

4 trappers could just play piggy in the middle with the monster. There’s no real point having crow and abe though, so leave one of them out. Griffin and Jack could pin a monster from moving anywhere.

4 slims


4 Cabots. All amping together.

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4 markovs, mines everywhere

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Yeah, lead the monster into a mammoth bird and watch the x16 damage melt it


Team- who needs an assualt/trapper

Shield drone + jetpack booster + 4 cloaks = pain

Cabot, Cabot, Cabot, … LENNOX! X32 multiplier or something xD. You could also do 4 jacks and play keep away


Lazarus, Slim, Caira, Torvald. You cannot down anyone and when you try you eat mortars.


Plus Lennox stack multiplies instead of adding to the damage multiplier

So one full punch is x128… make sure you take health regeneration, and when lennies shield goes down u just cloak her till it comes back

God, Arena should be like this

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