Dream inspired - idea for more hunting parties


sup and 'ello everyone
Just made a forum account to tell you about the dream I had. Which I believe may make an excellent game mode.
So please bear with me if all this is in the wrong section and just put it in the right one.
I recently watched a lot of Evolve on twitch and before that a lot of Destiny.

The Dream:
I was standing on a platform, played as Val the medic, and went afk for a moment. When I came back I was approached by 3 other hunters. But they werent of my team. They were of the other hunting party that was sent out to hunt down the monster.
One after another they jumped up on my platform and I shot them down again - dead. After that my k/d score was 7/0 and people was starting to call me a cheater. I laughed it off and jumped around some corners to get to the beach which was closeby as my teammates communicated me that the monster would be there. Upon reaching the bright beach I instantly spotted the giant floating Toad of Death that was just lashing out its tonge to impale and gulp down some larger animals already preparing to go level 4. Over the beach I jumped to the water taking a dive to get behind the toad monster and tranq it from behind while the rest of my team attacked from one side and the last of the opposing team attacked from the other. He would still be alone for another minute. We didnt bother. In fact we would need the opposing teams additional firepower and distraction to take down the monster. After that then we could kill them off too.

I told this dream to some avid Halo player before and he was comparing what I had described as a map in the game to Zanzibar from Halo 2. I found that pretty fitting (even though I had never played Halo 2 and had to google the map). Only that the beach was wider and there was a foresty area up the hill where that giant wheel would be on Zanzibar.

What would be added to the game and what that then adds to the game:

  • 2 hunting parties of 4. Either hunting for a real badass monster or hunting two normal monsters.
  • competetive play within this already competetive environment
  • some stress relief on the monster player as the heat gets divided upon the more opponents on the map
  • a new Toad of Death type of monster :smiley:
  • higher levels for the one monster if there is only one. To be able to deal with 8 hunters in total.
  • a new map idea

If you have suggestions and/or maybe want to support the idea of having multiple hunting parties, which is the main idea, then do post that.
Thanks for your time.