Dream Game/Gamemode Idea


I had a dream tonight and I’ve been questioning myself if I would like to keep it in mind or just drop it for good.

It’s kinda like Zombies but added with a hardcore mode. A.K.A Nightmare mode as my brother called it in the dream. The weirdest thing is how vividly I remember it when everything was so blurry

Oh and thank you @LorenTheGinger for waking me up >.> smdh

Rules: My brother’s voice was like a tutorial

  • There are endless waves of Zombies of different types
  • You start out with a knife to kill a few zombies for points
  • There are no wall chalks but they are dropped from “Special” zombies
  • If you are hit once the whole game ends and you die

Weapons: I only saw one

  • Sonic Rifle: Powerful and extremely accurate you can charge it bullets increasing maximum damage

Zombies: I only got two types

  • Scarecrow Zombie: The normal zombie who is fast and vicious. It has long sharp claws and it has a sowed shut mouth. Ripped clothes as well as rotting skin.
  • Golden Zombie: Very slow but insanely powerful, when it sees you it pulls out it’s golden hammer and starts casing you until it’s dead. The best weapon to kill this with is the “Sonic Rifle” you must take out both of his arms with the normal shots or you may waste time with the charged shots. But when those are gone it’s brain starts to glow a golden color and that means you can use the charged shot to kill the zombie.

And that’s it when I killed the Golden Zombie she woke me up

Map: Haunted House

  • It was a small house with spiraled stairs and broken wood planks. There was a backdoor the led to the backyard obviously but I didn’t go there or upstairs
  • Zombies jumped down into the entrance room from above upstairs and some zombies also fled into the room from the broken floor others hopped the backyard fence and came in through there. This is also where I kill the Golden Zombie
  • To the right of the Backyard door there was the kitchen and the spiraling stairs was to the right of that kitchen.
  • This is a pretty old house so there there were broken dishes, worn wallpaper and mold almost everywhere.
  • Keep It
  • Drop It

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Define what you mean by keep it or drop it?


Should I keep the idea or drop the idea and forget about it


I just added in where I was when this happened, or you can see the “Edit:” above





I meant vicious!!!


What about floor chalks?


No, just no



What would you do with the idea? If its just to have bouncing around your skull and reflect on, I’d just free up the room for more important uses.


Well I would make it a small little free fun game.



Then please send me a copy of the game when you are done.


I think I’ll be closing this up tonight


Alright looks like the majority of people voted to keep it. Suck it @LorenTheGinger

This can be closed now.

This was supposed to be said 8 hours ago but my phone bugged out so this can be closed @Jedi_Warrior


Closed as requested by op.