The new Argentian super herbivore Dreadnoughtus! The 65 ton super herbivore that has a 30 foot long tail that is a giant whip. Why can’t we get any cool dinosaurs in Oklahoma?
Edit: Hey Turtle Rock: Could their be a creature either in the background or in a really, really big map where there is one of these things? New gamemode idea; Food Chain. Look for it in the gamemode ideas topic.


You need to keep an eye on No Man’s Sky. :wink: I’m not so sure a huge dinosaur fits in to the world of Shear. (now I want to play Shear Panic)


How is this dino different than a Diplodocus? I guess I just fail to understand :stuck_out_tongue:


This dino is bassically a Diplodicus on steroids. It’s the biggest suaropod discovered.


So basically they are one and the same, we just hadn’t ever seen an adult until now? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Diplodicus is an American sauropod and this new dinosaur is in Argentina so not the same. Just a lot bigger. As the video says, they are tanks.


But weren’t dinos alive when the earth was Pangea? Shouldn’t location be a moot point?


These were big animals. They probably didn’t travel that far. We’re talking about northern North America to the Sourthern tip of South America. Very unlikely it’s the same species.


Well humans are largeish, and we are all over the world! So are dogs, cats, bears, etc… I will stop messing with you now :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, image is cropped so it doesn’t show the tail. :frowning:


You’re both resident paleontologists!

Now be excited about a dinosaur together like these two


I’d rather be the T-Rex. :smiley: I don’t think I’ll be a paleontologist in my career. I am taking a game design class next semester though.


interestingly enough I am going to be doing game design in school too next semester!


Just read the bottum half. The top half is for laughs.


Now thats a big dino


Titanfall had dinos in it’s background and it looked great! One would be pretty neat here too! :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw this the other day. Super awesome news! Just imagine all the creatures that existed that we may never find fossil records of. O_O