Dreadnought - Ship to Ship Combat


I haven’t seen anybody discussing this game, so i’ve decided to shed some light on it.
I haven’t played, so my “experience” is coming only from what i saw on Youtube and what people are talking on the Interwebz. It supposed to be a 5v5 (yey, another one…) but with big ships (that’s new). For me, it’s new enough to give it a try when it comes. It’s going to be F2P, so everything will depend on the way they will try to monetize the game, which they will, that’s how Free 2 Play works, but theme is interesting enough for me that i’m willing to try it out.


Yeah it seems nice… too bad it seems like it’s only for PC.

Damn that Mustard Race.


Because consoles can’t ketchup




I’ve been told that this game is free to play as well, looks like it’s fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


This game strikes me as really cool but it also seems like the kind that’ll turn Pay 2 Win…


This is my only concern. I really don’t play games that are Free to Play, because mostly the model they try to use on monetizing is really not my cup of tea, on the flipside, i played Team Fortress 2 when you had to purchase the game, but now since it’s F2P, i haven’t played in years. Not because i don’t like the game or the model they are using is bad, it’s just that none of my friends is still playing it. I was going to try World of Tanks or Battleships, because it does look fun, but once i found what their model is, i am not playing that. They want to buy ammo that is better than regular… that’s P2W and i can’t support devs who are doing this. People could say hey, but you play Evolve with different characters, that are DLC, but response is simple: It’s asymmetrical, which means that the other side does not have same character with better weapon, because they paid money. That’s what i don’t like in majority of F2P games… Anyhow, i hope that they won’t go this way, i hope that there will be cosmetics that are supporting the devs. I’m not to sure on ships though. I played Mech Warrior Online, and their model wasn’t bad, up until the moment they started doing Clan Mechs, that were better, with better weapons, but could only be purchased with Real Life Currency. That puts other team at a disadvantage and i really don’t like that. That’s when i stopped playing the game and buying anything from the store. Only time will tell, so far though, i do like what i see and i’m cautiously optimistic about it.


Gameplay vid, yay :DDD


World of tanks isn’t pay to win. You can buy premium ammo with silver (free in game currency you win from battle performance). Also premium ammo isn’t always better.

They have also nerfed premium tanks before. Premium tanks (which cost real money) are meant to be a faster way of earning silver, not better tanks.

Also dreadnought looks cool :sunglasses:


Then many things have changed since i was interested in that game, but as you can see, my perception hasn’t. I understand the model of free 2 play games, but i just hate that it more often than not is same as pay 2 win. World of Tanks is made by same people that are making World of Warships and from beta, i just felt the way they are going to milk it. It sort of turns me off to that company, but that’s just me. I’m going to give it a go, since who doesn’t like ships, being it on water on in space!


That’s too bad, world of tanks is a really good game. There’s a lot of numbers involved, armor thicknesses, armor angles, shell speed/dmg/pen, etc. They take balance seriously there too and seem to listen to the community pretty well. Or at least they did before evolve was released :grin:


Oryx’s Dreadnaught :smiley:


Like i said, i’ll give War of Warships a go. I’m expecting that they learned from War of Tanks, so they will apply the best and fair practices (LOL) to gain playerbase. We will see, but Space Ships is much more interesting for me, since i like scifi.

Long time ago, i used to play web-browser game called GalaxyWars (something similar to Travian, anyone?)
It was about timing, and numbers and all the good stuff that makes those games, but with spaceships. Our alliance theme song was this:

So now, anytime i see or hear about games with ships, good memories come back and i get a little sentimental. Anyhow, we were “pirates” of the server and it was fun until they pulled the plug ;(
Still, song is awesome and IF i get to either of those games, i’ll definitely will play this song in time of war :smiley:


Welcome back, Commanders!. I MIGHT have something for you. I’m thinking of buying a MERCENARY PACK for Dreadnought. https://www.greybox.com/store/en/

Besides my own benefits that come with it, there is something that I could give away for the people who want to join me in the space endeavors, and those are (1 per person):

4 Fleet Recruitment Packs:
Fleet Recruitment Packs give your friends guaranteed access to the Closed Beta, plus: one Hero Ship (the Morningstar - Medium Dreadnought), 250 GP (Grey Box Points) as well as a Fleet Recruitment Pack-exclusive ship decal and emblem.

So, I’ll probably buy it in 9 hours from now, and whoever wants to be my butt buddy (j/k LOL) better leave a message in here, first come first serve.


I’ll definitely give this a try, but probably when open beta comes around.


OK, first happy Commander :slight_smile:

3 more spots… don’t be shy, maybe you want to try the Beta? It’s free :smile: