Drawthread / create a monster


all of the threads related to creating a monster seem to have died since release. thought i’d start a thread with some of my drawings and ask everyone to pitch in and draw their own. the theme is a parasitic monster that can grapple. that can look like plenty of things.

tripod the walking walktopus

carniverous ladyslug

New monster ideas?

Is that… Is that… an octopus with legs?

Rising from the depths…
Raised by humans and taught to walk…
Our Cephalopodian Protector…

IT’S WALKTOPUS! The greatest fully aquatic superhero to walk on earth!

Glub Glub.


yep. it’s kraken’s land-based cousin, the tripod :wink:


No, it’s Walktopus, the greatest fully aquatic crime fighter to ever grow spontaneously grow legs. Get’cho facts straight boi.

Also, when I’m done with my fan monsters I’ll post them in here. Still working on Siren.


i’m just pumping out as many as i can so if @SledgePainter continues the polling there are lots of good concept arts that are new


I feel 'ya.

I finished my first monster concept, but I ain’t ready to reveal her until the second one is finished. I made a remake of Golem and I’m currently designing my own fan monster. It’s hard thinking of ideas no one else has come up with.


i’ve still got some up my sleeve


Just so you know, those guys are fucking adorable.

I work at a zoo, but I am wanting to start working at a place called the Monterey Bay Aquarium, if you’ve ever heard of it. Very famous aquarium, and it’s just an hours drive from home. Anyways, I did a little bit of an internship program there, and they have those, and they are SOOOO adorable, and I love them so much. :cry:

They keep them in the back room as pets. Their names are Mike and Ike. :heart:



i’m trying to come up with strangest concepts for an animal to incorporate now.

like this guy and his expandable mouth

oh god what if one of it’s abilities is to expand it’s mouth to fit the edge of a cave and wait for a hunter to walk in


Okay, I know a lot about fish, but that’s no fish. That there is what we in the church call hell spawn.

Also, what about a Horned Toad?

Big guy don’t look all that special, right? Spiky desert lizard, nothing special… UNTIL IT SHOOTS BLOOD OUT OF IT’S EYES!!1!?!

Yes, these things shoot blood out of their eyes to scare the shit out of predators. And it works.

Maybe a quadrupedal reptilian that shoots superheated blood from it’s eyes? Could be pretty cool.


what about a lizard with that mouth that shoots blood out of it’s eye, but it’s eye is inside it’s mouth


That could be cool, although I would imagine that eating would be a bitch for it. Whenever frogs shoot there tongues out, their eyes roll down into their mouths, and back up extremely quickly. Like, in a millisecond. This is why frogs always blink when they extend their tongues. Maybe when it shoots blood it’s eyes could roll back?




anyone else got drawings they’d like to share of monster concept art


They should make one that is like that lizard with the neck thing that spreads out when he is pissed. And he spits acid… Or a snake. That would be badass. Orrrrrr how about a jackalope… Yea? …I’d play it…


Isn’t @SledgePainter already making a thread like this?


i dunno. i haven’t seen much dedicated to drawing monster concept art in the poll threads so far other than what i’ve done.


I think this one is more of a draw your ideas kinds for any type of monster thread? The one I’m working up is creating a monster from start to finish.


What are these things? They looks awesome!


Glaucus Atlanticus

also, i think all of these would work as the grappling parasite. i’m trying to avoid the tumour look as much as possible.