Drawing & Designing A Fan Tier. [ASSAULT]


(Just so people know that is a skull bandanna and not some strange face) :joy:

Since I am going to be actually going in to a games art course next year, I thought I better get some practice in and what better way than to draw and produce my own fan based tier for Evolve.

It is actually quite fun as I am doing these sketches in-between games and elsewhere to pass the time which keeps my interest in my favourite game. :smile_cat:

Would be a dream for my ideas to be placed in game but hey, I am sure people have a million Ideas we would all like if possible.

I will be doing several sketches, one being a main stance for each of the Hunters/Monster then have a separate sketch for there utility’s. When this is all finally finished I may do a detailed painting of each character I produce.

I will add to this thread (or make separate ones) as I go along. The reason I haven’t waited to do it all first is because I am desperate to share it with you fine folks.


This is the first sketch I have done and currently sketching out his weapons.


-TRI TURRET- As you can see the mass on his back is his Tri Turret and works differently to anything in game for assaults so far. The turret is far too large to be held and used so has to actually be mounted to the ground. Once done so this is a VERY powerful weapon and can do mass damage at long range. The down side is if Taz is hit by the monster he will have to pick up and disengage his turret however, if he deploys his personal he can keep his ground as long as the shield is up. This being a positive and negative thing as he will lose his personal for when he might need it but can stand his ground and continue to fire! (The turret a lot like a Griffin sound spike will take time to put down and become set.)

-SHELL LAUNCHER- His launcher can hold 8 additional bomb shells which do not explode on impact giving the monster time to flee but once detonated causes a hellish explosion. His shells are mounted neatly across his chest for easy access when reloading.

-INCENDIARY EXPLOSIVES- These are Army/Military issue explosives and work like a very powerful Molotov. When thrown on impact will cause a hellish fire ball but will continue to burn the ground which will do heavy damage to the monster unless it moves. They were originally used to clear wildlife on Shear but works just as well on the monsters and denies area. (These would not work in areas of water)


Taz is a X-Marine and was settling down on Shear for their defence and wildlife control programme.

In a twisted turn of events the monsters struck and took down a lot of the colonies Taz was apart of. He was able to escape with his life through his impressive combat and stealth skills he had learned from his past.

After his escape he spent most of his time surviving in caves living off the bare minimum in which he spent his time observing monster movement and finding out what weakens them.

During this time he was able to go back to what remains of his destroyed colonies to raid the armoury’s as he had easy access to them. Since he had been learning from what he had seen, Taz knew that the average machine pistole was not going to cut it when coming face to face with something as beastly as these unidentified monsters.

So the only weapon he took what ZD19 Shell Launcher and a ton of incendiary explosives.

Taz knowing this wouldn’t be enough came up with a better plan which would keep him safe wherever he decided to camp.

He took one of the Tri Turrets and modified it to become somewhat portable. That way it could be mounted anywhere and give him security as these were the best defence any colony had.

Finally through fights with monsters and his attempted rescues through colonies around Shear he found Cabot.

Bit of fun and I hope some of you enjoy the read. :grin:


10/10 amazing work, story and weapons! I love how you made him flip his finger off as well as saying “Seen That?”


TRS schemes off to the side preparing to take full credit of said character

Prepares a $3 price tag

On a serious note this seems freaky fun to play as. I wonder if someone is off to the side already thinking “OP” and if there is Imma just take a bat to their face. No not a baseball bat but like the animal bat. Would be more terrifying.


You know I actually wouldn’t care if someone did it and took credit I would just love to see it in game! although might sound OP on paper anything can be nerfed or buffed :stuck_out_tongue:


Sees GrizzleMarine mentioning Buffs and Nerfs already

Throws a Vampire Bat at his face


Great, you knocked out/killed GrizzleMarine now who’s going to finish the project?!


I can do it!

Just throw a couple of paint buckets at him and we’ve got the color.

Then just a few quick programs and viola!


Ya as much as I wish it was that easy it’s not…


Nuh uh! It’s easy peezy!!!

Well if you grab Einstein and pay him to do such yeah it’s easy…


Einstein is dead…


Oh you haven’t heard?


OP plz Nerf !!!

looks awesome^^


I love the concept but i feel like his tri-turret is quite overpowered as assaults primary weapons are all close range

Also you said that it deals damage from long range which implies that he would use it against a fleeing monster so the monster would have to run back to destroy it, if he places down the tri-turret e deals massive damage from that but also means he can use his shells to deal 2x as much damage

Just personally I would make his primary weapon close range to even him out


A fleeing monster would not have an issue with him unless he was in an insanely god like position. Remember the turret takes time to put down (I would say about as twice as long as a sound spike would from Griffin). By the time he would have it placed down the monster would have plenty of time to break line of sight.

(Anyway looking back on this I was major bored and not gonna continue this)