Drama Alert


I’m going to come out and say that I feed off drama like a fat boy eats cake.

I wasn’t always like this. But growing up in highschool, I hung out with college students, and the garbage they can spew out is enough to corrupt any innocent mind. I think at one point I even said I hated drama, but then again I also was a weaboo.

Which brings me to KeemStar. The Sally RottenCrotch, Sam Pepper, and PG&E of YouTube. Bringing together all the pitiless hate and nonsensical drama centered around the, probably, dull lives of YouTubers.

And I can’t stop watching it.

It’s like someone’s first drag of a cigarette. It’s nasty and you know it’s not good for you, but you do it anyways. Which explains a lot of things in life, but you’d think it would only be centered around things that somewhat mattered, which the personal lives of 15 minute celebrities is low on that list.

What I’m getting at; should this really be entertainment? I stated before that I could get drama like that by attending college. Or really any RN outside meeting. I can’t be the only one on here. Any shout-outs? Yays or nays on “drama” entertainment? Wondering what you guys think about drama and the rise of KeemStar.


I do watch drama alert to stay in the “know”. The problem with it is that people can exploit it for fame.

Otherwise I find it interesting to see what’s new on all sides of YouTube.


What I think about it:

(Haha," news" to noose joke)
######please no flag, someone else’s joke not mine ;-;

On all honesty, I listen to drama occasionally but it’s overall a really bad thing, especially on YouTube since it can literally DESTROY innocent channels and YouTubers.

Also I consider DramaAlert by Killa Memestar is basically the TMZ of YouTube. Bad content that wastes time and ultimately can be hurtful towards people.

TLDR: dun like it &/ killa memestar jokes

EDIT: also the initial joke is kinda accurate in a sense since when someone is talked about over some serious drama, our boy Killa Memestar is kinda putting them out to hang since it can destroy and harm YouTubers.


Nope. Not a reference I can even begin to comprehend.


I think he means it’s addicting…?

Or it’ll make you cough violently for 10 minutes straight out of disgust iunno :confused:




Game of Thrones falls utterly short in comparison to this thread’s drama.


I don’t know.

It’s one of those things that I consider so bad that there never will be a time in my life that I know what that’s like.


Don’t forget about LeafyIsHere!


It’s disgusting and you don’t know why people even like it. Don’t start.

But here’s the thing; drama has always existed on YouTube. People have always flung mud at each other in their own special little ways, and you’ve had two fan-boy armies on either side of the argument. But now Drama Alert exists so everyone’s dirty laundry is aired out everywhere. The problem is now you’ve got drama starved youth joining the argument they were never originally apart of.

It’s like when I was equipment manager in my highschool marching band. You’d have 20 other yodles trying to tell you how to put a screw in a cart when really it only takes 10 seconds of patience and 1 screw. It’s not helpful.


Except focusing too much on it (which is what is going on currently) is really bad. Before, while it Was a thing, it was never focused upon and only covered publicly if it was necessary (ie threatened their livelihood & all that) or if someone talked about it beforehand for some reason.

Now there’s been A LOT more drama as of late and all this focus is not a good thing since it exposes a lot more drama and just breeds toxicity towards other YouTubers, whether the drama is real or not.


DramaAlert has literally destroyed people with false allegations before.


Bashurverse for one, drama alert is awful sometimes. Now Toby turner has rape allegations.


Bashur is just sad. I subbed to him probably three or so years ago when I was much younger and involved with Minecraft, then I found out he had rape allegations and the like, that destroyed his channel and for no reason and he even contemplated quitting YouTube a lot. Now he has a small following compared to what he usually had which is terrible given that YouTube was literally his income as far as I know.

As for Toby Turner? I don’t watch him so I can’t really give any input. From what I can see, the general gist is that people can believe he does drugs and isn’t good with relationships but I don’t think many people believe he is capable of drugging and raping others.


Those were the days where MC wasn’t a sad lump like it is now.


Wait a damn second. I made a thread of Drama Alert too! How come I don’t remember that? Stupid old me


It must’ve been a while ago before Memestar was popular.


That and it got closed and unlisted. Bad video good topic


I’m torn in my feelings over keemstar. I hear both sides of the story. Some people hate him cuz they say he ruins other people’s lives, is a racist, insults or calls out people who don’t want to be on his show, and is generally a dick all around. Another group says he’s funny, has good intentions, brings publicity to people, and is generally kind. I feel it’s a mix of both and perhaps he’s gone through a change over the years. He’s got a daughter so he’s gotta be good for her… Right? I stay away from drama alert cuz I don’t want to get caught up in it unless it involves someone I’m subscribed to.


I think leafy has been on DA more than anyone so far