Dragon's Dogma Online


Who else is impatient about this going into the other regions?

(If you never saw it before)


Well, Dragon’s Dogma’s ideas were very nice, but the game was practically unplayable with the rogue class, mages were extremely boring, and difficulty plummeted and skyrocketed with every step.

I hope they’ve learned a lot from the game before they decided to make a bigger version of it.


Mages, in general, is pretty boring; you can’t blame the game for a class that is literally nothing but spamming spells, they just made it a bit more realistic(E.g., you shouldn’t be able to create a black hole with little effort, cause a ginormous earthquake that can destroy a whole kingdom with just a wave of the hand, etc.).


Oh, I’m certain there were plenty of games that managed to make magic enticing.
Mass Effect, Infamous, Lichdom, Orcs Must Die, Black & White, Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Drakan, Dragon Age, Might And Magic, Dark Messiah, Dishonored, BioShock, Smite… Evolve.

What we should or should not be able to make in a game, I think, comes down to what is fun, and limitations. There’s plenty of things that character’s shouldn’t be able to do in terms of power, but in order for it to be fun, we have them doing such things.

I think Dragon’s Dogma was great fun. Climbing creatures has always been something I enjoyed, and hoped more games would do it. I just think they could have done it more smoothly.


You just listed games that can do exactly what I’m pointing out. I pointed out that you shouldn’t be able to cast game-breaking abilities with such ease that it makes it impossible for enemies to even hurt you. Mages in this game are already powerful, but it takes a bit of time to cast your abilities, I’ve played several of those games and tried full magus builds and the game becomes so easy that it’s stupid, this game makes it a bit more reasonable like I typed before.


Unplayable as Rogue? I killed everything in sight as a Rogue.


Well, I haven’t nearly played long enough to understand the game’s intricacies, but me and my friends were frustrated by the Rogue’s play.

As Rogue’s, we’d slash 3678 times a beast’s foot to kill it, and we died with but a hit or two, and as Warrior’s, we’d lash out 5 or so swings and enemies died. Not to mention the incredible survivability against powerful foes such as dragons even on relatively low levels.

That was our experience, in any case.


I wonder if there will be a time when this game comes to the UK. God I’m desperate for this game.

I think I’ve bought dragon’s dogma 3 times in total. Twice for ps3 (Dragon’s dogma, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen) and then once more, for the definitive PC version which allowed the glorious 60fps.


Is the online separate from the full game?


I believe so, but they could do something with people who’ve played the original.


You’re supposed to mount monsters not slash their feet.
The warriors are more tanky, where as the rogue Deals massive damage.
I’ve played the game with all three classes and enjoyed each one very much.


It felt like there were hidden modifiers when selecting certain vocations. Rogues felt like they had a lot more stamina and warriors didn’t get knocked down as much, even without the class augments. The weakest class in the entire game was probably the warrior vocation because of how much they had to rely on party members to get things done.

To make Rogues powerful you had to use other vocations and buy their useful augments. Also, enemies have weak points. It’s a little like Monster hunter now that I think about it.


I know, I know, it was just a manner of speaking. It was long ago since I played and, I’m sure of it, there was plenty that I did not benefit from. But that’s how the game felt, initially, to me and everyone I personally knew who played the game.

Climbing monsters… I remembered Shadow of the Colossus all the way. Similar, but not quite the same. Thrilling, anyway.


That was going to be my next comment. Party makeup is very important no matter which class you are.

It’s been a long time since I’ve played this game, but I put so much time into it when I played it. I love the mechanic of using other people’s characters to fight with you. More games need to do something like that.


There were definitely things that could’ve and should’ve been improved. But that was my main hope of a sequel. I wanted more of this game with improvement.


It was probably one of the best classes you could pick, you just needed to do some stat scaling (like with all the other intended main classes) beforehand.

The Ranger vocation is my main vocation and it is amazing with unparalleled dps (with maybe an exception from the assasin class, but that’s it’s whole point, pure damage but no survivability [has the lowest hp gain per level in the game]) It has amazing mobility, allowing you to dodge and move around the monster like a bullet.

The daggers are your main source of damage and, as a ranger class, you level your stamina extremely quickly allowing you to climb monsters and damage them for extended periods of time, allowing you to attack weakpoints for a long time.

then there’s teh bows: for the strider/assasin classes you have the shortbows which is all about mass arrow spam which allows for decent damage opportunities against large monsters but the real damage comes from the longbows of the ranger class which is more precise but leagues more powerful than the strider bows, which allows massive weakpoint damage against foes too large to climb (the UR Dragon’s wings for example, are too high up for any fighter class [with the exception of the broken Mystic Knight and some well timed upper slashes from the Warrior vocation {the weakest in the game I beleive}]).

It’s one of the best vocations in the game, slightly lower than the broken Mystic Knight but still amazingly strong.

Also not being hostile, just loooveee talking about one of my favorite games of all time + my favorite vocation makes me super excited ^w^


Alright, can you people tell me what was wrong with the cave trolls?

Why did those bloody buffoons had so much health and insta-kills? And why were they so frequent, even at the start of the game?


They were minibosses and they are kind of meant to be one of the scariest monsters to fight against early-game, sure in mid-game, they were still a hassle, but they can be easy to kill if you know what you’re doing(unless you’re playing hard mode, oh god, hard mode).


The ogres?

These guys aren’t very difficult… but they do get a health and defense bonus, their attack pattern changes too, more frenzied (attack too iirc) if you have a female on your team (cause they like the tste of the flesh of women in mythology iirc).

Early on that makes them very difficult opponents but they’re really not that tough once you figure out their attacks. (and they get stunned at the slightest touch from a lightning spell… lol)



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