Dragon Age: Inquisition


Thought I’d post this to see if anyone else here is a Dragon Age fan!

Personally Inquisition is what got me into Dragon Age back in March, saw some preview gameplay and decided to give Origins a try. Some if it felt a little too archaic for my taste but the story and characters grabbed me. Enjoyed DA2 as well despite it’s bad reputation.

But Inquisition has me excited for another reason, it’s going to be one of the first RPGs on a really nice engine, Frostbite. It will be Bioware RPG but with a more open world style than Mass Effect or the previous Dragon Ages or Kotor. The combat looks like it has weight and the spells look crazy like magic should.

Can’t wait for it to release in November, it’s going to make the wait for Evolve a lot easier I think.

Also if anyone here grabs it on PC, add me on Origin for the coop! Since we’re all coop fans here. :wink:


Ye I’ve played and loved them all so will be getting it but on xbox one, gave up pc gaming about a year ago


A bit off topic, but when you mentioned DA:I, a game I’m definitely looking forward to, I was also reminded of the incredible drought of games this summer/fall has had. Honestly… it’s been horrible.


I do plan to get it eventually - I played the crap out of DAO and though I hated DA2 I’m willing to give DA:I a try… and the coop multiplayer is a complete rip off of ME3’s which is a good thing since I may or may not have put 1000 hours into it…

I’m not currently invested enough in DA:I to buy it full price, this may change based on reviews and friend opinions. Go ahead and add on Origin if you want, whenever I do get the game I can see if I can clear up a spot on my flist.


I’ve only played a Dragon Age game (don’t remember which one, was on my friend’s 360) but I don’t remember liking it very much. I will however give Inquisition a try after it comes out, assuming it gets decent reviews. I’ve been hungering for new games.


I’m very excited for it. I’m a HUGE fan of Skyrim and immersive open worlds. I’m cautiously optimistic about Inquisition. One of the perks of being a PC Gamer is that the game will be on sale in a couple months.


YEAR. this YEAR has been autrocious for game releases. which is odd because console sales were through the roof.


DAI seems to be pretty bugged. I watched a video from the developers where they ran around killing monsters, baby dragons, and then the mother dragon. Everyone who knows anything about dragons knows that they all regard people in armor as Hot Pockets. That armor is the best crisping sleeve ever made! The mother dragon just kept attacking the players, but none of them crisped up and they all had limbs made out of titanium! Huuuuge bug!


I can’t wait for this game, they put DA:O for free on Origin to promote inquisition, and there’s a good chance I’m going to nab inquisition when it comes out for PC because I’m really bored of my 360 and I don’t want it on my PS4 since only one other person in the area besides me has one (small town of 1,000). and I did kind’ve build this PC for high-end games, so i’ll just go ahead and enjoy high def Dragon Age xD

and I haven’t done research into it because I like being pleasantly surprised, so if they’re doing Co-op multiplayer like they did on Mass Effect, I’m sold for that reason alone.