Dragging Out Games


I know that a lot of people complain that Monsters will let just one Hunter survive and drag the game out waiting for multiple dropships but Hunters do it a lot too. Sometimes it isn’t worth trying to survive for the dropship and you should just accept defeat. I’ve had games where I have two strikes on the entire team and they all go separate ways. And forget about the power relay because it’s impossible to destroy since people always shoot you off from 100s of meters away. I just want some opinions on the matter of dragging games out when unnecessary.


It’s still plausible to win as hunters with 2 strikes on everyone…I hate monster players who drag out the match leaving daisy alive and waiting for ships to kill hunters, etc.


it’s the most frustrating thing

but that’s some people for you, I can’t really think of a mechanic that would solve people


I mean when the Monster has nearly full health you’re probably going to lose.


haha yeah if the monster is full heath and armor and at stage 3 and your entire team is at 2 strikes or more, then the game is pretty much over at that point and you might as well just end it.


I have to admit I’ve done that as a monster before for the masteries, sorry if you were facing me


well in theory the hunters can still win.

most monsters are getting rly rly cocky when they are doing it … and they wont look at the roundtime :slight_smile:


Just my opinion…

The object of the game, regardless of the side, is to win. How motivated you are to win is the only real difference in game lengths.

There’s literally no argument in the “dragging out games” peanut gallery, because it’s folks railing against the bars of their cage. It’s the game parameters… screaming on the forums about it like some people (not you) do is at best mental masturbation, and at worst trolling.

It’s really amazing that some folks played the alpha, played the beta, then BOUGHT the game, and still do nothing but bitch and complain on the forums that it isn’t what they’d like. At that point the only reaction I have is: lol.

If it wasn’t a viable strategy nor vision for the game, they’d have changed it by now. As it were, it’s been something that hasn’t been touched since alpha, AFAIK. They’ve already taken plenty of measures to keep the action flowing in games.

I think people who complain about match length doth protest too much.


I get your point but there are people who drag out not for the purpose of winning but just to be annoying.


In my case matches tend to get drawn out as I’m trying to survive the chasing pack, I try to win as quickly as possible, but the absolute priority is to have a fun match. I don’t play with my food.


Yeah i hate when i get hunters that keep runing away ~.~


I have to admit to dragging out games - not by leaving just one person alive (heck, I’d rather sweep house and move on any day), but as a tactic against a tough hunting team.

I’m a pretty solid coward in a tough match…and I’ve found that people get bored / angry / ragequit when the hunt is taking a long time. Since Wraith has to really capitalize on mistakes, I use it as a tactic to force those mistakes.

(With due apologies to people who stumble across me.)


If maggie is the last one alive, I do not even bother chasing her unless she is right in front of me. Chasing her with those harpoons armed is just futile. I’d rather go get armor, stage up or take out the relay than try to kill a solo maggie.

I feel that hunters can kite way too much sometimes and leaving them to gather strength for the next fight is very viable. I mean, if hunters would man up and fight to the last man, you would not have to worry about this at all :smile:


The only time I have issues is if the Monster is skilled and begins taunting the randomly grouped, average Hunter team. Have that attitude againts a skilled team of Hunters, I dare you.

I had one Behemoth player purposely leave one Hunter alive and tea bagged them as he followed them.
I was bored out my mind, so for the first time in Evolve history I left mid game. (For a reason outside real life)
Then the Monster player had the nerve to message me, he said “Lel Rage qui tee”, no kidding, that was his spelling.
I replied saying I left out of boredom, not rage and said he was a good Monster. I didn’t get a reply, he probably had an arsenal of comebacks for an aggressive reply but became dumbfounded at a compliment.


So here’s the thing. If hunters drag out the game, they win. It’s not the most glorious win (and IMO winning by timer rarely feels like a win), but it’s a win. If hunters are dragging out the game, they’re trying to pull out a win. If a monster is dragging out the game, s/he’s just wasting time.

That said, if the hunters are deliberately not killing the monster even though the monster is at a disadvantage (somehow) and just tickling it off the relay, that’s a dick move just as much as a monster that drags out the game in whatever manner. Doesn’t really mean anything about the game or its design though - there will always be assholes.


Part of why I like this game so much is that its logic has works with only two rules:

  1. Hunters must kill the monster before the monster kills them

  2. at stage 3 the monster can destroy the power relay before time runs out

The beauty of it is whenever 1) obtains 2) becomes obsolete and whenever 1) does not obtain 2) necessarily at some point will!

If you think about this it is the simplest game logic since counter strike and therefore it is soo good and rock solid.


concede vote fixes the problem for winning side dragging things out. If losing side is dragging things out, that’s functioning as intended, as long as someone is still trying to win you let them try you don’t take it away.


what the hell did you just type?


lol I just typed that I like simple rules in games. There are only two in Evolve where other competitive games need more like ten and you are never fully aware of your options because its too complicated


Put strikes on a timer, say 10 min. After 10 min the strike is removed and the hunter can be healed to full health.

Because its the future.