Draft pick to balance monsters?


I see a lot of complaining about wraith & one of the issues that keeps getting brought up is team composition & the fact that blind pick doesn’t allow you to have the optimal composition to deal with a monster.

What if there was a draft pick system instead of blind pick? No bans, but you could randomly let 2 hunters get first pick, then the monster picks, then 2 more hunters. That way the monster can choose to pick to counter the first two hunters, but the last 2 hunters can be picked to counter the monster. For example, you see a Hyde and a Abe get picked, you counterpick with a Kraken so you can stay above Hyde’s flamethrower, they pick Cabot & Val for the tranq darts and the damage amp allowing them to capitalize on the tranq darts more effectively.

Might be kind of cool IDK

Would basically allow you to throw your medic and assault out first and counterpick the wraith with cabot and abe which is all you need to pin it down forever


Sounds like a good idea to me. I don’t mind blind pick. Either way I don’t mind but it could help some people fairly.


It doesn’t work that well because.For example Kraken can be countered by both val and Abe.So if you know what monster they have you can 100% counter with just 1 hunter.Blind pick is better