Dr. Strange is literally the all the infinity stones.


The cinema I was in, you just heard a collective, murmured “oh no…” when he said “Mr. Stark?”

I’m over his death now (I think). I mean we all know he’s coming back. But the acting is what made it top.


Yeah. Spidey’s personality already makes him a lovaeble cbaracter, but his actor made him even better imo…oh man. That was probably the saddest movie death I’ve ever seen.


Apparently, from what I’ve heard, the first take they did wasn’t sad enough for Robert Downey Jr. (Tony), so he told Tom Holland to do it again but act like he ‘is just a kid, and really doesn’t want to leave’.


See, I’m normally tears mc tear face when it comes to significant movie deaths, but none of the deaths in this movie really moved me. Maybe because I walked in expecting a great purge from the main characters, or maybe because it didn’t feel like the heroes really ever had a chance but I dunno… The closest I came was when Thanos was getting teary about having to kill Gamora.


Gamora was the closest thing for me too. Totally wasn’t expecting just straight up murder.


Well it kinda worked in that he actually had to think it through showing he isn’t just killing for the sake of killing and that he does have some sort of attachment to something. His principle is somewhat sound, though misguided, and thats why he worked as a villain for the most part. If they somehow were able to show a scene or two showing that there were entire worlds suffering due to lack of resources it would have made him even better.


I hope they show some flashbacks of Thanos past, to understand more ‘why’ he did it.