Dr. Strange is literally the all the infinity stones.



Minus “bends time”


Paging @Galactoid


Except not nearly as powerful. The crypt creeper looking dude had him beat in every way.


You mean the wizard in thano’s blackguard? Yeah I don’t get it. Strange calls himself the master of the mystic arts and is meant to protect the world from dark magic. Dark magic does come, and he gets his ass handed to him.

Also I really hoped that they would add Mephisto in this movie. He looks so creepy in the comics, imagine him on the big screen.


I don’t think Dr Strange is at his peak yet. He’s pretty new to all this still in the movies. Give him some time and I think he will be beasty.

Not sure how I feel about Mephisto.


Maybe. But he died at the end of the movie…

I would love to see him become a vastly powerful mage and murder everyone though.


He’ll come back.


They always do.


It’s a 2-parter. It’s meant to cliffhang like that anyways


Plot Twist: All the characters who ‘died’ are the ones who are actually not ‘gone’. Note that all the ones who are gone are all the NEW franchise characters. The oldies are the ones left behind :smiley:


He did do that time loop thingy…doesn’t that count?


It’s totally a coincidence that the people left over are the OG Avengers cast, most of whom are making Avengers 4 their last Marvel film. The enevitable death, sacrifice or otherwise decomission from the OG Avengers is a twist that no one will see coming.


Ya, he did that with the Time Stone. It’s not within his power otherwise.

Ebony Maw? The noseless Squidward-face guy?


Yup. That’s the one.


It’s a…movie…reference


Ebony Maw was awesome. I liked his line delivery.


Yeah he was actually pretty cool.


I was happy when maw died.


I was just happy my boy Peter got a chance to shine.


I was actually pissed when I saw him wither away. Like wtf marvel?