DR, Shields and defence matrix

So I was wondering if there is any lists I can get the numbers from for the Shields and damage reduction abilities of all the hunters.
If not I’m hoping to make one central list.
All I do know is that rabes is 5% less than the general defence matrix ( which I think is 70%?) and that kalas is around 300 for the shield with qairas damage reduction field being ( or seeming) to be around 55%.
Can anyone help with some numbers?

All defence matrixes are on 55% exept for Rabe that is on 45%.


Papas DR is 20.

Any Assault has 50%

RAbe has 40%

I don’t know about Quira.

I only know this because I heard that Papa got decreased from 30% to 20%, and that RAbe got 10% less than the other assaults. Assaults used to have 70/75% but it got nerfed, but it’s somewhere around that ballpark.

around 35-38 last i check for Qaira i believe

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Shields absorb 100% of the damage provided there’s a capacity to do so.

Quaira has 40-50% for I think 3-5 seconds not sure how long the duration is. I think. It’s been awhile since I checked the numbers.


These answers show that a lot of info around stats is outdated :confused:
I think qaira is around 50% because when I hit a Banshee missile and her Dr is active it’s around 250 damage were as its 500 normally.
I’m also wondering how shield bursts compare ie like what is tech hanks max or hanks shield projector or just the average sb

I know standard Shields absorb all that the capacity allows, but I am looking for capacity numbers aswell

I BELIEVE It’s 800 on both Sunny and Hank by base. The Shield Bursts on both absorb less. as far as I’m aware. I can’t say, I’ve never been sure of the stats beyond monster damage lol.

Same I know nearly every abilities damage except aftershock and Banshee mines ( I always either land 3 or none so I’ve never seen a single hits damage).
I knew hanks projector could eat any ability and I’ve never actually taken on sunnys drone I just work around it by throwing a melee at someone else to make it swap target or kite them round something to block it ( if I don’t just kill the thing)
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