DR perks are getting tiring ...seriously


I am not even going to comment on their balance,cause i have stated my opinion on that elsewhere,and it’s not the actual problem

My main issue is FUN.

Every 1-2 games i play i see a goliath or meaty with full DR perks.When i shoot that first round on it and see that i almost do half damage,i know it’s going to be a long and boring game.Every dome the monster is just parading around throwing rocks in your face while the team is tickling it.This leads to domes ending with 1-2 bars of hp damage maximum,guaranteed evolves,and lots of pointless domes up to stage 3.

Then after 20 minutes you reach stage 3 cause the monster is stalling the game,and you get a single fight that you will win/lose depending on your strikes or hp damage dealt previously

Honestly TRS,is this perk necessary? It’s not necessary for hunters either,base values like damage or health should rarely be altered directly by perks in my opinion.


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