Downsampling issue


I tried 4k and this is what I got:

What the hell is this, a HUD for ants?!


I’d say it’s a minimalist HUD.


For which you need magnifying glass.


TRS should be rolling in soon, hopefully they can set you right.

But maybe @MaddCow has an idea?


I’m not too familiar with using screen resolutions outside of normal in game options. That being said, there might be some sort of UI scaling in one of the config files, but I’m not too sure. Sorry Terepin :frowning: I’ll dig through some files on my computer to see if I can find it, but I think it is just scaling with the resolution itself.


… with a resolution crafted by gods, sir.


Behold! PCMR in all its glory!

Embrace it!


I wish my HUD was that small. Those things are way too big on screen.



Essence of Terepin.


Normally, for visual fidelity, you want to render 2D UI elements at 1:1 source pixels to screen pixels. This is kind of an extreme case where maybe that principle breaks down.

Edit: it looks to me like there is no option available to users to change this. One of our UI programmers is going to look into it after lunch.


can we make them smaller on consoles as an option please? This is a bug I wish I would get.


So far, looks like a UI scale multiplier (whether to enlarge or reduce) is not supported currently. That would be a new feature request. I guess I should consider it requested? I’m not on UI, but I will pass the word along.

Terepin, though this is the last thing you wanted to hear after buying your beautiful 4K monitor, I believe the only way you can make the HUD bigger right now is to lower your resolution.




I never said I have one.


Then why the hell are you using 4K then?


Read the title.