Downloading In Advance - Putting in my suggestion 3 weeks in advance


checked new and old threads, there was one 24 days ago suggesting the same thing, but this is 24 days later, and I feel we need to re-address this before October 31st rolls around, so 3 weeks beforehand, here’s my suggestion

For those of us with slow internet, mine personally being .5gb/hour so the last download would’ve taken me 20 hours if I didn’t go bug a coffee shop for internet, I suggest allowing a pre-download before the day it’s available, with the same restriction you placed in it so that we couldn’t play after the previous alpha that stopped us all.

It would be greatly appreciated, and I’m sure that my fellows with slow DL speed would agree. Please let us know before the Big Alpha (if possible, I don’t like making unrealistic demands).


Thank you in advance for any information you bring to this thread.


The last alpha I believe it was stated that steam didn’t allow for pre-load on an alpha non full release title like this.


yes, and this round Jess said she’d try and get back to us on it. in the thread 24 days ago. they’re going to see if they can work around it.



I just checked with the team.

The plan, as it stands today is to allow pre-downloading of the Big Alpha prior to the test going live. As always, this is a testing environment, and things might go awry, but we’re definitely aiming for it!

How many hours to pre-load? That we can’t say yet, but in theory it would be enough time for you to get the build before it goes live :slight_smile:


That’s great news :grin:


This is awesome! I’ll keep my ears to the ground for sure.


Good news :smiley:
Thanks @DamJess


Awesome, thank you so much!

Even if it’s only 12 hours or so, it means I will be able to not spend all of the first day downloading. Really appreciate that you guys are aiming for this!


Small nitpick here, but .5gb/s is rediculously fast. I’m thinking you meant .5mb/s.


actually, I said .5gb/hour.


Ah, didn’t notice the /hour. Must have glossed over it as it’s not the norm :stuck_out_tongue: Fair enough.


I’m 250kb/s
It’s 900MB per hour…


I feel jaded. I’ve got Google Fiber and I downled the pre-load for Borders the Pre-Sequel, at one point I was getting 50 MBps, (Yes, 50 megs per second) took only a few minutes to download. I hope we expand all over, or at least other companies step up. It’s going to be hard going back to other services :frowning:


In 20 seconds, you have 1G…
In 1 hour, I don’t have 1G


Ya, heres hoping that internet monopolies go away :frowning:


Does anyone know if they will allow downloading in advance for the consoles?


i will ask.

@DamJess pre-download for consoles as well? :slight_smile: I forgot to consider my console brethren when I made the thread.


Cmon google fiber, become available everywhere already :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re aiming for pre-download on all systems. It will, of course, come down to first party (Microsoft or Sony) on a case by case basis whether or not we’re able to offer it.


thank you for the additional information.