Downloading game stoped help


I had to 're install the game and it’s stuck at 75%


Been waiting for two hours hasn’t moved


Have you tried restarting you’re Xbox?
If that doesn’t work do a hard reset (hold down the power button until the Xbox turns off).


Yes didn’t help


uninstall and restall contact support if it does not work


When I try to test my connection too Xbox live it says my net work is good but there’s issues with Xbox service


Just looked and it’s the TV, Music and Video services that are having problems so it shouldn’t affect this.
Try what @hohoho479 said, I don’t really know what else you could try. Sometimes the last 20%-25% will just shoot up almost as if it is behind a little, but if you’ve been waiting 2 hours it should have finished by now.
Sorry I can’t be of any more help. :worried:


Call Xbox Support, perhaps? It has to be a Live issue.


I found out it s not that it’s stuck it’s just taking extremely long to install now it’s at 83% in 3 hours it only moved 10% -.-


Wow. That really sucks. But hey…at least it’s moving, right?


If you’re done, shall I close this for you?


Yea that would be good


Better late than never. Hope it doesn’t take too long from now. :smile:


Have fun!