Downloadable Characters


Which character should I buy Slim, Crow, or Torvald? Preferably the one that helps the most but i’m not so sure about Sunny because I don’t like playing support.


In my opinion, I would say Crow. But I haven’t used the other two much. So, take that as you will.


How about all of them?



Although it really depends on how you play.

Crow is probably the best and most balanced of trappers and Torvald is pretty beastly. I love Slim’s character and design, although you have a lot to do with him and can get pretty confusing in the heat of battle.


crow if you’re good at skillshots. slim if you like shooting everything that moves. torvald if you like his personality (which is awesome) and also skillshots and shooting everything that moves.


Well I think sunny is the best of the 4, but since you don’t like support. I would say go Crow he is fun to play.


I play crow mostly

Sunny, Torvald and Slim are good, I just suck with them lol


Slim is a great character for someone who is good at multitasking, Crow is good for someone who likes skillshots and predicting movement, Torvald is also good for someone who can predict movement and Sunny is OP a very powerful Support character, if not the strongest right now. But if Support isn’t your thing then I’d suggest picking up the character from the class you enjoy playing the most, they’re all a lot of fun to play.


Ok, I think its between Crow and since Sunny is OP and probably the best choice im deciding between those two.


remember sunny wont be OP forever


If you’re not fond of support, and you wanna pick between Crow and Sunny, take Crow. Simples :smiley:


Crow: An interesting hunter with a fun tracking effect and very versatile weapons that can either support your team mates, or let you do significant damage. He currently does the most damage than any other trapper.

Sunny: A fun and viable support that can DPS, shield hunters from continuous damage, and boost medics previously deemed not viable into safe zones out of combat. All around a B+ character with A+ possibilities in pro play. She protects well, but not as well as hank. She damaages well, but not as much as Bucket.

Torvald: Overall I still think he’s OP in experienced hands. If you do not have good aim (Which I think you admitted) This hunter is not for you. Because you need to have good aim/guess work to bring down the majority of your damage with your mortars. He’s also currently very hard to use vs. the flock of krakens currently sweeping shear. IF you manage to always hit your mortars (takes practice, but when you get experienced, I guess it’s easy) you will melt monsters.

Slim: Highly controversial, he’s considered non-viable for pro play, but very good for pub play. His spore nades annoy the HELL out of monsters. His healing gun is mediocre and dangerous to use, his healing bug is amazing. He’s fun to play, and drastically different from the other healers in how he plays. I consider him more of a “knowledge denial” hunter with some out-of-combat heals.

There are just my opinions, and I’m sure other people will have better opinions and more of them. What is your preferred role? I’d suggest upgrading that. I like support, so Sunny is really fun for me. I consider Crow and Torvald cheezy at the moment… So why not Slim. You don’t have to aim, and it’s once again: A very different healer experience from the rest.


My preferred class is the assault, but i’m not a big torvald fan because his mortars are hard to use unlike every other assault’s equipment. I’m a shooter which is why Hyde is my favorite. I’ll look into all four.


Honestly I’d say go with Sunny. Blowing stuff up is always fun. Jetpacking teammates is fun and her personality is fun. Win - win… win. She may end up changing your mind about support, certainly changed mine.

Edit: don’t get her because she’s sorta OP. That should change at some point. Plus, that’s a scummy way to play.

If not her I’d go with Crow next. As long as you have a fairly basic trapper skill level he becomes shoot, shoot, shoot. Whereas Slim is honestly a bit hectic to play as.