Downed recovery mechanic tweak: All healing


Currently downed players can be raised by healing them as the Medic till their health is full or filling a pickup bar in melee range, exempting Lazarus.

I propose that these two methods be merged: instead of filling a raise bar the “Get up” action would gradually heal them.

This way revives that don’t quite complete would still make progress, possibly forcing Monsters to interrupt revives sooner.

Additionally, the Medic healing could accelerate the rate of the “Get up” method.

On the other hand, it may take longer to revive someone solo if they were already near true death.

It is my hope that this would deepen the tactics around raising downed players, and make the mechanic more relevant against skilled Monsters.


this would make the hunters even stronger than they are right now. i dont think that i would want that…


Nah, it kinda defeats the point of pickups compared to healing. If you heal a Hunter, you’re both slowing down the death time and getting them closer to pickup.

If you come for them, you get five seconds of being stationary for a quick pickup instead.


It would come at the cost of a longer time to revive someone below the initially downed health threshold.


I think fusing the two would add in new tactics, and make pickups more feasible against decent Monsters.

Because let’s face it: any Monster paying attention will interrupt a pick-up before it completes.

I predict that this wouldn’t really change much at low levels of play.

The fact that they are currently separate isn’t an argument that it is a better system.