• Joined in on a game as Monster while the game was in the loading screen for the map, so after the pick phase
  • Went into a first person 3 depleted Healthbar first person Monstermode (had this happen about 3 times now, always reproducable when joining in on a game while it is already in the loading screen)
  • Restarted the game 10 seconds after start
  • Was about to pick my Monster in the monster selection screen as another player drops in first as ‘Waiting for player’ in the Medic spot, after he was done loading he was assigned the Monsterspot and the Monsterplayer badge flickers between him and me
  • Medicspot doesn’t get reassigned another player and stays as bot
  • He picks Goliath and together we live happily ever after.


Oh hey Roy.
Always happy to help!
Happily ever after we lived indeed.

It was the first time the bug happened to me. While it is bad that it exists, I like how the server can actually handle two monsters in one game. Would be nice with fun maps with 2 monsters and 8 hunters


:smile: We should definitely do that again some time.

And yes, a multimonster gamemode would be so bloody awesome.


Once Daisy was the last one alive you should have fought to the death. Monster V Monster game mode. Want.


I want this to happen for me again. It was a lot of fun up to the point i got dc’d… ;_;


I gotta say I envy you dude, I wish I could have a Behemoth buddy while I play! Or any monster to be honest.