Double Poison perks

Relating to the topic, even as a monster main I feel that it is a tad ridiculous. The guaranteed damage is through the roof. Not only that but it’s not fun to play with and not fun to play against. I just hope that they tone it down enough that it is still a viable perk but that it’s not an unstoppable combo.


well as a monster player who sucks at everyone except Bob and Molly, i dont care as i am cheap as fuck and only have hunter perks

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Opposite of me, all monster perks and no hunter perks.

“Hey make sure you pick double DI or jetpack efficiency”
“Well looks like it’s Rocket Lord and Ultravision for me…”

only necessary gold perks are acid round ands capacity

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i heard that TRS wanted to actually nerf this even more.

Yep too much guaranteed damage it was in their AMA.

Hope they’ll fix this, those perks are stupid strong.

I think these perks are too strong only on OG Goliath, and are fair on every other monster. So I would tone down OG’s Fire breath damage instead of these perks.

Completely agree it’s only “OP” on Goliath because of unavoidable damage ala charge / fire breath. I’m thinking a buff to rock throw and a nerf to fire breath while leaving the poison perks alone would be the best solution.

Well that’s not a bad idea but they probably still need to be toned down a little.

There not op in my opinion but I feel very unfair when against a battle Cabot with the cloak.

Before they were nerfed if you took leg breaker you could get 68 damage per second for 3 seconds.

I thought it only effects melee.

It does only affect melee, but the general consensus of why it’s OP is because of unavoidable damage. The poison perks are only really popular on Og, Meaty and sometimes Kelder.

Yeah it does, but charge+fire breath+poisoned melee on Goliath are undodgeable attacks, and with only this combination a Goliath can do a impressive amount of damage, ask ryke for this. But still I think that claw perks are OK on every other monster, so the Goliath must be the problem. I say go for a fire breath nerf and then balance after this(maybe make rock reliable)

and now you basically fckd a monster and made 2 perks necessary to pick, and the perk still op, congratulations you’re the balance king


you mean the guy who defends slim saying he isn’t OP even the fact TRS stated he was. Yeah I don’t take advise from him. But I honestly don’t care too much on the subject of poison claw perks.

Goliath isn’t the problem, he’s actually a well balanced monster.


Please, leave Goliath alone. He is entirely balanced and viable even if you don’t take double poison. That to me says double poison is the problem, not him.

For crying out loud … Did any1 have tested that? And if so in what conditions?

Are you people saying hunger / claw / claw + 1 point FB + 2 point charge on stage 1 cannot be outhealed/shielded/roached?

Or is it hunger / claw / claw + 3 point FB + 3 point charge on stage 2?

Or maybe its stage 3 against hunters that have strikes on them and aren’t moving at all?

You can’t dodge FB, its not worth to dodge Charge but you can and should get shielded or boosted from that + also dodging Traversal + Heavy AA isn’t that hard and you have 3 more JP to use …

If the DEV decide that double claw is not fair against POTATOE players then that is fine … but please don’t say its easy for a monster to kill good hunters with only autoattacks and FB + CHARGE…

Jesus, the poison claw perks have been nerfed to the ground! What else do you expect them to do? Why not remove them permanently, so monsters do not have any kind of DOT perk???

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