Double monster bug - Six player game! Most awesome bug ever!


So approx. half an hour ago I joined a game, and got the monster role assigned. However, my name + badge didn’t show I was the monster, but somebody else! So I thought is was just a display bug and picked Kraken. The game started, and guess what, I spawned right next to another Kraken! So after staring at eachother for 10 seconds we started moving and the weird thing is, we could actually chat (our names turned red, just like assault). He also spoke to me through a mic. We split up and then he evolved, right as the hunters found me. I’m pretty sure it was a nasty surprise for the hunters to see me flying over their head, while they see the message on their screen that the monster has just evolved to stage 2. I started the fight with the hunters and the other Kraken came in to assist me, and of course we won. Most epic bug ever!

I never thought it would be a good idea to implement a multi-monster mode, but to co-op with another monster was just too damn fun. Yeah, bugs can lead to great things…


yes its nice… never had this. only 2 hanks (5 hunters)…


Some way…some how…the devs will need to make this…A THING!


Absolutely. It was one of the most fun experiences in Evolve in the 180 hours I played.


yes this game needs a fun mode…


Would be nice to see/play that.


IMAGES WE NEED IMAGES! OR A VIDEO! I would love to see it


That is awesome!!


4 Monsters Vs 16 Hunters = Epicness.


Yea i suggested already some time ago a 6 hunters 2 monsters mode, some monster teamplay would be great for the game. Sure the monsters would be tuned done for about 35-50%(would needed to be tested out) in damage but it would be absolutely possible to manage such a gamemode.

Its just enormous fun to have more then one monster to fight (ofc still possible to beat monsters).


That wouldnt the maps nore the engine fit, even a 3 monster 12 hunters would be impossible. Wouldnt be even possible as a fun mode.
Would be like having 20Humans on 5m² and a big nuke inside that.


there is already a video with 2 wraiths on youtube and this forum :wink:


Lol just imagine sunny, hank, Val, Lazarus, Maggie, Abe Torvald and Parnell all on the same team.


Yes just a mode to have fun. no worry about balance issues. just chaotic fun!!!
All monster vs all hunters


@BLK_OBLIVION has a short video showing 2 Behmoths.


A 8v2 game mode still needs to happen. I don’t even care if it crashes my game half the time, it’d be worth it.


How about mega defend. 8 hunters vs 3 monsters. goliath has to break down barriers kraken can do air support and wraith can ninja style assasination. something like that. but we definitely need a multi monster mode.


Would love a 2 monster mode. They need to make particular monster combo intros like they do hunters. Like 2 goliaths, they are playing rock toss catch. A kraken and goliath, the Goliath is feebly trying to leap up to catch a bird for a snack, kraken swoops in and vortexes him up. Kraken and wraith, they play hide and seek. Kraken finds wraith but nu uh, it’s a decoy! Real wraith throws sloth feces in the face of kraken and they laugh and high five.

“Best friend” by Harry Nilsson plays in all of them.


Didn’t the Devs say this couldn’t be handled, they couldn’t run two monster sprites on the same engine? This guy is claiming two krakens in game, another person posted video of two behemoths and another of two wraiths… is this a bug down to poor matching glitches so two monsters are getting put in one match or do the monster players just have better specs than the devs did to run this gameplay online and live?


here my vid i recorded of 2 behemoths