Double Gobi


If you send out Gobi switch weapon then switch back to Gobi he will land on your arm even though he is flying out infront of you and you can still see him.


Pics? Video? I’m curious to see this


Sure, just uploaded and added to the post.


Woah, the never ending Gobi army is upon us!


Go get 'em Gobi 11, I believe in you.


Is it weird I read it in Sunny’s voice?


Please note that while Gobi is on his arm, he cannot send it out until the cooldown is over like normal. This is only a visual bug.

I’m saying this because I’ve seen people say that this bug is being exploited by Crow players. But there is literally nothing to exploit.


Double Gobi… aaalll the waayyy


I think my laugh woke my neighbors


Yup, happens whenever you switch back to Gobi after you sent him out. Visual bug…

Perhaps we should bring @MrStrategio 's attention to it?


Gobi’s omnipresence confirmed. ALL HAIL GOBI.


Glad someone got the reference… :slight_smile:


Gobis and rainbows aren’t too different. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for reporting the issue. We’re aware of it and have it logged.