Double Fire, double Meteor, doubled Destruction! :D

So during some practice stuff we actually had a nice bug that is already seen by others before.
but have you seen the double blue fu**** fire breath pain train, the amazing rockthrow artillery across the map? :smiley:

Shit tons of fun :smile:

Double Relay Stage 3 destruction!

had alot of fun there as you might can imagine :smiley:


Why can’t I get this bug ;_;


I wonder if 2v4 mode would be ballanced, if hunters would have all stats doubled, no pounces would be allowed and also ammo would be doubled : 2 toxic nades for example or 10 mines with 50% faster reload and arm time, etc… Hmmm

Edit : ok probably not

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Now I wish there were more varying minions than just miniature Goliaths so I could have my own MG gangbang in solo.

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They originally had minions of every monster, but it wasn’t as sound or practical as just making all minions Goliath.

I’ve been wanting to get this bug to see how it works in game. Lol


The only bug we all WANT to have…


This sounds like carnage :laughing:

If you want to replicate this all you need to do is do a custom. You either have to be the Monster or observer. If you’re the observer you need to join the game as they’re loading the map. This can cause two monsters to spawn, allowing you to play as one. It’s not full proof, so please don’t get mad if doesn’t work. I only got it once and that was with 2 Behemoths.


Only if you’re one of the Monsters lol
Not so much if you’re one of the Hunters…

More detail pls on how it works

I don’t fully understand how it works, but what it essentially does is this. The game thinks that both people are playing monster. It takes everything that monster player picked and copies it over to the second monster. The game still thinks that there is only one monster so you might run into a problem where you’re stuck together. The game also thinks that both monsters are one dishing out everything that monster gets to the other.

I wouldn’t mind seeing that as hunter either, lol. 'Course I know we’d lose but…I still wanna see it!

Loading the map as in right before the character select screen or after?

After is the only way I’ve gotten it to work.

That looks rad! I kinda wanna see one stage 3 goliath and one stage 3 meteor goliath working together. I feel like it would be a gloriously artistic beatdown.

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We should make a minigame of this

Also 2 Bobs is better than 1.

exactly this “bug” should never be fixed - so its like a rare secret and alot of fun :smiley:

It should be added as an option for customs!!! I think honestly to balance it, just let Hunters choose ANY Hunter, no restrictions. I think 2 Medics and 2 Assaults could pull this off. Or like Lazarus, Hank, Sunny, Cabot. The combos are endless!!!