Double clicking in youtube videos on posts with lots of replies scrolls up to 20 replies before

a small bug but, on very long posts if someone posted a youtube video, and i press play then double click the video to fullscreen, the video stops, and it loads the 20 replies before the video reply, you basically have to click the small square to fullscreen without making that bug happen. on chrome.

edit:never mind even clicking the fullscreen square sometimes it still happens, sometimes it goes to a random reply, you basically have to keep doing until it stops.

Yes, I have this on mobile too.


Yeah this has been happening pretty much as long as the forum’s been here I feel, I long ago learned to click through to watch on Youtube

To make it full screen? We suggest middle clicking if you need to make it
full screen.

Sorry I was referring to the YouTube videos making the topic jump back several posts.

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yeah for me I hit the fullscreen button on youtube in Chrome, it briefly goes full screen then closes and scrolls up a number of posts, usually a couple of dozen or so.

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Yeah this has been around for ages. It still catches me out and pisses me off. I’ll try the middle click thing but otherwise just got to load up another tab :\