Double Behemoth (other players perspective)

So what happened was, I was in a match as Behemoth and 3/4 players were loaded in and chose their character classes before the match started. About 3 minutes into the match, someone called for a restart, and I figured that there was a problem for the hunter team at the beginning so I agreed to restart the match by pressing whatever key votes for “yes”

So we go back to the character selection screen, and I pick behemoth again, really quickly pick my skills and perks, since I already knew what I wanted. Then I noticed that instead of showing my name, it was showing another players name in the monster slot. But after looking at it for a few seconds, I could see my name flickering overtop of his name, back and forth.

We then wrote to eachother, and both of our names were showing up in RED and we could communicate…as if we were on a team together… the monster team.

I should mention that I went back to the monster selection screen and then selected behemoth again, but there was some weird lag when I did this. This was before I started recording. Anyways, I alt-tabbed out and immediately fired up FRAPS to begin recording. Everything else is as you can see in the video.


@Skemo_Gamer it’s your fellow Behemoth.

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I’ve only ever had the bug in customs. ^.-
Would be interesting to get something like this one day.

We got it once, Shin, but you couldn’t control the second monster. D:

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1 Behemoth too weak.
2 Behemoth too stronk

Yup D:

He got pooned in the ass and could never move. He was kinda just following inside you but he couldn’t move and the Monster followed you. I wish there’s a way to recreate it.

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Funny how a glitch works so well,almost like its own gamemode

Oh T_T this loooks soooo fun T_T me wants mode with 2 monsters T_T

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I just love the sharing buffs and stuff. 2 monsters would allow a for a ton of new strategies, and communication.
I think day 5 of evac should have been 2 stage 2 monsters, and no minions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Would have been aweomse :smiley:

I know TRS have said it would be hard to do (with the balancing and matchmaking), but it would totally be worth it :wink:

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One day… I really hope… T_T

well shit that must have sucked for them

after watching this this game could handle 6v2 maybe 7v2

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Would be unbalanced though, so nope.

:joy:That was awesome to watch. I wish that would randomly happen when a hunter team wanted to be annoying on console.

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It’s too cute the way they share buffs.

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Lol I’ve seen the other behemoths video of this