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History of Dota (There are multiple episodes which are linked on the video)

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Throwing it out there, seeing where the Dota 2 Community is at!


I do not particularly care for the item system, and the item shop navigation, which I feel is a bit bloated.

Hero designs and kits I like. Balance is a bit iffy at times, but a majority of the characters are viable in ranked play, which is good.

Basic Attack times/speeds are something I really hate, with a fair amount of characters not attacking until about 5s later.


Have not really tried a lot of dota 2. I’ll need to play a lot before i have the skill to win a match :stuck_out_tongue: Compared to league/smite/anyother moba i think dota is the hardest to learn.


Not really a fan.

I think its got a lot of arbitrary stuff going on that doesn’t come directly from an iterative design process.

I don’t like the store or item system, and in general I think its very confusing. For not really great reasoning.


Disclaimer: I am not Ice Frog or Valve, I am a fan, just looking for other fans. I am not here to defend Dota 2.

I know Dota 2 is unforgiving for many, but personally I think it is one of the most rewarding games in existence.

Regardless of your previous interactions with Dota 2, I will try to help anyone interested Win at least one match :smiley:

Add me on Steam (as long as your Steam Profile isn’t private I will add you, if it is just send me a PM on here)


I won the tutorial? :smiley: does that count as winning a match


My work is done here.


I’m a bit familiar with this “game”
Actually this game have ruined me since i was kid and playing dota1.Played more than 10 games each day every day.Even failed one class in school and had to go again in the same class because of this game :smiley: .But in the last 2 or 3 months i decided to take a brake.I wouldn’t call it “Boredom” i would just call it frustration.I wanted to take a very big break, play evolve until i can get back to Dota.
My advices are,like a very well known guide to Dota2 called,Welcome to Dota.You Suck.
And it’s true.No mater how good MOBA player you are,no matter what rank you are in League of Legends,Dota will always be the hardest to master,and the best satisfaction you will ever get after winning.I’m telling you this because back when Dota2 was in Beta i was very thrilled to get inside and was playing only to win.Not for fun.It wasn’t a game.I was playing in 1st page of the Live Games,against well-known players while hundreads of people watching you playing.Winning there was more than just a good feeling :D.
And as for the store you guys say.Dont even care about it.Dont even open it.Just go inside and play.Nothing on the store can change the quality or the expirience in-game


EDIT: Ok and sorry about that awfull picture you must click the arrows on the bottom-left of the picture to see it :smiley:


“only” 3881 hours, or 162 full days. half a year.


Been playing Dota since the WC3 mod days. The entry to the game has always been significantly harder than other MOBAs with the skill interactions, itemization, map knowledge needed, etc.

Though I have to say right now I’m not playing as much as I would like, seeing as how my internet is crap.


WC3 mod is a loong time ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. I started playing when I was like 11. :smiley:


Dont forget about smurf accounts.I got a couple smurfs which i use to play with my friends without having to worry about my rank.And yeah let alone how much time spended back in the dota1 days.
And yeah set fanboyism aside Dota is the best moba out there.Not only every moba was created by it.It’s the years that count.There is 1 thing that no MOBA will ever achieve.And that’s Balance.When you think about it,more than 100 heroes,more than 400 skills,more than 100 items and each one of them doing different things,how they work,how they collaborate.Balance is the number 1 thing MOBA’s fail.See HoN for example.After Icefrog left and they began to making their own characters game went to hell.So if someone wanted to start playing MOBA games i would totally recommend starting out with Dota.But dont be mistaken.No Moba has 100% balance.

PS.For the lovers of war3 MODS there are some good news.Valve released Alpha Workshop Tools which is a very powerfull map editor.That means soon we will be able to play classics like Pudge wars/Run Kitty Run/Vampirism/Footman Wars etc etc


Yeah it’s hard to learn tho, but fun once you can play it. Other moba’s are easy, but less fun because they don’t need much “skill”.


Pudge and Mirana Wars are what I’m really waiting for. Also Elemental Tower Defense. Those mods were awesome.


Dude everything will come.To understand how powerfull this new map editor is(even tho its still in Alpha)There is 1 guy who is creating league of legends INSIDE dota’s client.He is creating the map,importing the models etc.I dont know about you but i really want to see RIOTs face after this :smiley:

EDIT: here is a photo of it

Glorious days are coming for all the people who loved warcraft3


I was playing Pudge Wars before, I really am hoping for full fledged match matching in client!


I heard if a mod becomes REALLY popular valve might implent a Find Match button instead of trying to find a game through lobby.But oh well this is just the begining.Future seems bright :smiley: