Doom or Battleborn? (PS4)


I know these are different types of games, but which one would you recommend to buy?

  • Doom
  • Battleborn

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#I bought Doom a few minutes ago :wink:


Depends. If you want a single player game that is a lot of fun and you’ll get to demolish anything in your way, then Doom.
If you’re looking for a more lighthearted multiplayer game than I’d suggest Battleborn.


Where is the Overwatch option hahaha


If you like t play very aggressively, pick doom. I you want a slightly slower placed game, pick battleborn


Wow, very different games. I’ve spent time with both and like them for different reasons. If you want an awesome single player experience with an MP on the side and the ability to make your own maps, Doom. If you want a game that is way more fun with friends, has a variety of characters to play and master and where nothing can be done in less than thirty minutes, Battleborn.


Nah. It’s cool but I think I’ll buy it in a few months or so.


I’m sure @MaddCow would defend Battleborn at all costs :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been playing Battleborn more (whenever I’m having no luck in Evolve) and I’m loving it. Every character is unique and actually quite balanced. I love Marquis (the sniper butler with the owl named Houdini), Caldarius (sort of like a mini-gundam wing robot with an ultimate that launches him in the air and then strikes down)


No it isn’t.


Let the flamewar begin! :smiley:


I just bought Doom but in the future I will buy Battleborn too. I don’t want to waste that much money atm :smiley:


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I wouldn’t say at all costs. I really enjoy the game but Doom and Battleborn are completely different. Doom has a much more solid single player experience though I dislike the MP immensely because it’s just generic ‘next gen’ shooter crap, while Battleborn’s singleplayer is good for what it is, it has an amazing depth for it’s multiplayer. Tomatoes and coconuts. Very different games and I don’t know why people have to compare everything with eachother. Both offer very different experiences.