Doom multtiplayer beta


doom beta is out now but the servers are still closed :sob:
I already have it downloaded and just in the main
I love this song


Uh moar info preeze!

Like is this beta for Console? PC? Ur mum? I wanna kno nao!

And cursed Wal-Mart getting in the way of me checking myself atm!


its on console not sure about pc
and the beta is supposed to start today
its also a closed beta


I’m excited for the campaign but the mp portion just isn’t my style.


Forgot about this but I wouldn’t be able to try out the beta as I won’t be pre-ordering. Single player looks the usual boring fight against crap AI but MP looks like it could be pretty damn decent =]


First come, first serve. Let me know if you use it.



O RLY? giving out your code. what if the multiplayer is amazing


Others will get more use than I will.


“Starting April 1 at 6pm ET, visit your local GameStop or EB Games (Canada) to receive a free DOOM Closed Beta access code. Codes will be distributed through April 3.”

Found this on the Doom website. Does this mean I can just go to Gamestop and ask for a code? Or is there some other requirement?

If anyone knows tell me, because I am unbelievably hyped for this game :smiley_cat:


just go to gamestop and be like ‘‘hello give me DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM closed beta’’


this is the song used for the main menu slowed down a lot more


I bought Wolfenstein: The New Order but have no idea how to get access to the Beta. Do I have to reinstall the game?


You should have or receive a code if you submitted the initial code.


If anyone finds out a way to play in PC, anywhere to register or w/e plz let me know :slight_smile:


Should it already be in my email? I’m not seeing it.


Did you get an insert when you bought Wolfenstein?


What do you mean?


When you bought Wolfenstein was there an insert in the case for Doom?


Yes, I’m certain that I put it in but I can’t find the slip it was on anymore.


You should receive an email then. Check your spam?