DOOM Eternal Showcase (Nov. 22, 2019 Release Date)

Keynote presentation from QuakeCon. Gotta say, I really like the look of Battlemode.


I like what I see with Battlemode, and I’m hoping that despite the powerups for winning a round the mode as a whole is balanced enough to remain fun.


Will need to see, I’m still on the fence about playing MP, I’ll DEFINITELY be playing single player though.

Oh, without a doubt. Doom 2016 is the FPS game that FPS games in general should aspire to be like. And Doom: Eternal looks like it’s set to be improving on everything, so I have no doubt that the single player campaign will be awesome.

All I can really say is thank fuck Bethesda is only publishing this.


Multiplayer doesn’t belong in Doom, I would much prefer co-op missions without the main protagonist

I’m going to disagree. I’d much rather have mp than co-op.

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